Jamie Jewitt's Goal Getter Transformation

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Jamie first graced our screens in what some might say was the best season of Love Island. Since then, we've seen his home and work life blossom! However, life and lockdowns happen to us all and when we spoke at the end of 2021, he was looking to make a change to his lifestyle and shake himself out of bad habits that had crept up.

This is where our MuscleFood Goal Getter meal plans come into play... Find out more about why he started on the plan and his journey so far.

The Motivations

For Jamie, a lot has changed since his Love Island days and despite having previously been very fit, active and healthy, it has become tougher to maintain. He talked to us about this:

I modelled for most of my life so I was always super lean and thin however since having a baby and becoming really busy with work, my situation changed and I gained a lot of weight and now don’t feel healthy.

He started seeing some of the signs of extra weight creeping on; aching knees, feeling less healthy, picking up some bad diet habits (takeaways after the kids have gone to bed anyone?)... the classic dad bod situation!

As well as hoping to change some of those habits, Jamie has another goal in mind. One of his passions is Boxing, and it's been a while since he's been able to compete in the weight class he wants to. A big goalpost for his time on plan will be hitting the ring in that lower weight class! We love this, as a non-scale goalpost is a brilliant way to add in motivation!  

The Journey So Far

Jamie is staying on our Goal Getters Lean Machine plan for 3 months and although we're waiting to see the final transformations (and how he gets on in the ring!) he's already seeing the benefits of having it all worked out for you:

I never anticipated how much time having a kid would take up so it has been a game changer not to have to plan my food in advance. I have more time to focus on my family.

Watch this space for more...

The Results

Jamie started Goal Getters with the aim to break the bad eating habits and switching them for healthy and sustainable choices that helped him to lose the weight over time.

In 12 weeks, Jamie made amazing progress. He lost 2 and a half stone and transformed his relationship with food.

I feel fitter, healthier, happier. My body feels healthy and that is probably the biggest benefit that I loved from this plan.
The difference in how I feel is staggering. I can’t stress how much I enjoyed this meal plan and how easy they make everything. I will be continuing my journey of self improvement this year and beyond as it’s made such a difference to my life in such a short time.

More about the Plans

The MuscleFood Goal Getters food plans include the Super Slimmer and the Lean Machine. Both plans are tailored to your goal and include an optional exercise programme that you can do at home or in the gym.

The calorie balanced, high protein meals are delicious and delivered fresh to your doorstep each week. Meal options include tasty recipes kits, prepared microwave meals and healthy treats like pizzas, alongside a selection of snacks.

Created by MuscleFood chefs and in house experts, the Goal Getters plan has been crafted to make having a healthy diet an easy and sustainable lifestyle choice, with experts on hand to offer support and advice to the Goal Getters community through the active community Facebook page.

The Goal Getters programme isn’t like any of those fad diets you’ve tried before, just real people and real results. The reason it works is because it’s realistic and non-restrictive, meaning you can still enjoy a little bit of what you fancy to keep you on track whilst smashing your goals. So why not give it a go today? Click here to get started!