Meet the MuscleFood Experts

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Here at MuscleFood we know that your health and fitness goals are about more than just the food you eat. It's about knowing what works for you and your body too. That's why we have a whole gang of experts with amazing industry qualifications helping us give you the information you need, from nutritionists to personal trainers.

Whether you want to know which Goal Getter plan might be best for you, learn more about nutrition or get some exercise inspiration, they're on hand to help.  

Meet the Team

Get to know all our experts a little better

Dottie @dottiefitness

Former professional dancer turned fitness coach, Dottie channels her unspent energy into programming and delivering structured strength workouts to her clients. Not just a “technique tyrant” she is also qualified in nutrition.

With an experience of 7+ years in the industry, she strives to tailor completely to the individual, taking on board previous obstacles, difficulties and barriers and overcome them efficiently and effectively.

Becs @bitesbybecs

Becs is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach. Becs has a BSc in Nutrition, a MSc in Clinical Nutrition & Eating Disorders, as well as having a level 3 personal training and level 1 CrossFit qualification.

Becs has a huge passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle, whilst finding exactly what works best for each individual.  Offline, you can find her at CrossFit Putney or working on her 1-2-1 sessions with clients online.

Dan @danmacfitness

Coach and owner of danmacfitness Coaching & Education, where he specialises in building strong humans inside and out.

Dan usually has a focus on fully 1-2-1 in-depth online coaching for individuals who want to step up their training and nutrition but Dan also heads up the mentoring and education team at The Online Fitness Business.

Vic @nutritionwithvic

Vic is a Certified Nutritionist and Online Coach who's passionate about empowering people to ditch diet culture and feel good about the food they eat. Vic supports people to eat in a way that aligns to their goals (from fat loss, to improved performance, to muscle gain), whilst growing their confidence around food choices and working on other areas of their lifestyle (e.g. stress, sleep, activity, training).

Vic prides herself on being a compassionate coach, with a particular interest in helping people to strengthen their relationship with food and exercise through education, empowerment and empathy.

Heidi @heidikononen

A registered Associate Nutritionist (Bsc MMedSci if you're asking), Heidi completed her BSc and master’s degree in sunny Sheffield and have been working in nutrition since 2016. For the past few years, she has been working in private healthcare, helping clients with their nutrition and overall wellbeing.

Although one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition, you will get pretty far with good quality carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats. My motto is “everything in moderation”, which means you don’t need to cut out food groups or starve yourself to see results!

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