Mental Mindset - Motivation

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Ahhh January, it’s been a while. Always the same; TV Adverts for the latest “fitness innovation”, Billboards showing the most recent upgrade at your local gym, Social
Media promotions with the freshest kicks and hottest ath-leisure-wear.

That’s all well and good but how about getting there in the first place? When it’s dark outside, cold and getting colder, pouring it with rain and the only thing that seems attractive right now is hitting snooze for the 7th time or snuggling up in a blanket on the sofa in front of the latest episode of The Apprentice.

Read on for my top-tips for finding motivation and staying consistent.

Habit > Motivation:

As wonderful as motivation is, can we really depend on it? Rely on it? Know that
it’ll always have our back? Unfortunately not. What we can depend on, are habits. The downside being these take a little longer to enforce but once they’re there, they’re pretty hard to get rid of! So how? Start small. Bitesize behaviour changes that feel so minimal and almost ineffective but slowly get you closer to where you want to be. These could be for example; Getting your gym kit out the night before, booking in to the same class each week or even doing something for 5 minutes every day that slowly builds to 10, 15, 20 etc.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail:

A motto I live by! Often, half the battle is figuring out what to do when you get
there and can be a real obstacle to going in the first place. Why not programme your
workout before you go but have alternatives available should that piece of equipment be out of action or in use by someone else. Also, book your training sessions in your diary! Prioritise yourself and your goals and maintain it as a non-negotiable!

Eyes on the Prize:

What is your “Why?”. A really good question to ask yourself when you really
cannot be bothered. What is it you’re working towards and how is your current behaviour reflective of that? Would future you go to the gym right now? Would future you choose to take the stairs over getting the lift? Make your actions reflect your intentions and bam! Your goals will be yours before you know it!

Do it for the Feels:

There really is nothing quite like that post-workout feeling right? Can we bottle it
up and drink it as a pre-workout? Not yet but our imaginations and memory are strong enough to utilise this inner power and get us “up and at ‘em”. That being said, you don’t always have to give it 1000% in every session but I bet your bottom that some movement is always better than none. Walking, yoga, mobility, HIIT, running, whatever your poison, doing something you enjoy while enable you to want to do it and do it more!

If only one of those tips work for you then the work here is done! Keep this blog
safe somewhere and use it as your go-to when you’re feeling a little de-motivated.