PT Steve's ultimate bodyweight home workout

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In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to keep a good routine going, especially with exercise, to help keep the body and mind in check. With social limitations restricting the time we spend outside and with the closure of gyms across the country for the time being, why not spend your time at home wisely and keep your body and brain active!

Getting just 1 hour of exercise a day will boost your mood and can help to maintain a good state of mental health thanks to endorphins that the body produces when we exercise (the hormones that make us happy.)

Rather than going straight into a full on high intensity session, let’s start with something a little more gentle to ease you in.

Try this beauty of a session to get you body and mind moving:

10 bodyweight squats/jump squats (for the more advanced)

10 push ups

8 bodyweight squats/jump squats

8 burpees

6 bodyweight squats/jump squats

6 lunges (each leg)

4 bodyweight squats/jump squats

4 glue bridges

2 bodyweight squats/jump squats

2 walkouts

Guaranteed to get the heart racing and focusing on the entire body, the squats or jump squats are great for developing your quadriceps (front leg muscle) hamstrings (back leg muscle) and your glutes (your bum muscles). Standing feet just a tad wider than shoulder width apart, bring yourself down while keeping your back straight, head up, and chest high. Push through your heels and repeat that movement!

Other movements in the above workout such as burpees are great for your entire body and your stamina! From being in the standing position to getting your chest to touch the floor and back up again to your starting position you will be using your pectorals (chest muscles) your triceps, your legs, your core. Doing them as fast as you can will really get the blood pumping!

This isn’t a time to sit on the sofa for 15 hours then go to bed, we need to keep moving, we need to stay active.

Be kind, stay safe and stay indoors!

Steve Ahern

Steve Ahern

A personal trainer with 10 years experience, working with a range of clients from athletes to celebrities all over the world including; the UK, U.S.A, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Finland.