The Beginner’s Guide To Eating Healthy

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  • Are you a first-time Muscle Food buyer? Welcome to the family! We’ve got a beginner’s guide to eating healthy
  • From prepping meals to macro measures, you’ll be eating efficiently in no time!

How many calories do you need?


A good part to start finding out more about how many calories you need is a magical number called the BMR – short for Basal Metabolic Rate. By using this calculator, you can get a good idea of how many calories you should realistically be eating per day.

Pair this with your goals – be they bodybuilding, cardio or sports stardom – and do research as to how many calories people consume in those sports.

What is meal planning?

Meal Planning

The name gives it away really… When it comes to eating healthy, meal planning is essential.

Why is this? Well, think about the times you’ve had no idea what to eat. In those times, have you consciously reached for something healthy, or have you gone for some fast food instead?

Chances are most of you went for the latter. So, a plan combats this by giving you dinners to look forward to that you know are going to fit into your plan. Plus, without a plan, trying to eat healthy can get really expensive to do!

Planning couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a list of foods you have in the house and an imagination (or Google for those who aren’t creative with food like me).

Draw up your plan on a spreadsheet if you’re feeling technical or just doodle it on a piece of paper stuck to the fridge – however you do it, highlight the ingredients needed and categorise your fridge into days for this.

For a simple lifehack, theme your days – soup nights, pasta nights, make each day an exciting treat to look for.

What is meal prep?

Running man

Feel like a proper TV chef in your kitchen, by spending a Sunday afternoon prepping every single dinner for the entire week.

Head back to that meal plan and execute it fully! This way you have no excuse to not stick to the plan.

Everything is already cooked and ready to go – meaning you can spend your weeknights chilling after a hard day’s work. Be sure to load up on a LOT of Tupperware, though.

Bringing it all together…

Putting all of these simple lessons into practice, you end up becoming a meal planning fitness machine.

You will find more time to enjoy life, and not be fixated on getting fit all the time. A key saying you’ve probably heard all the time (but is super important here) is “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Keeping that extra step ahead will help you stick to those goals!



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