Three simple reasons you're still not getting toned

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One for the ladies!

Okay, we admit, we're not exactly fans of the word 'toned'


We absolutely get what it means, and what it looks like.

So, you've been putting in the hours at the gym, and eating well, so why have you still not achieved that much sought after ‘look’?

Summers coming, so let Apex shine some light on things…

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1 - You need to put on more muscle.

Yep, you read correctly.

I know you just want to ‘tone’, but the vast majority of times that actually involves putting muscle on.

Every single women who has that strong, defined and lean look will have had to put on a substantial amount of muscle over time.

Worried about getting big and bulky?

Don't be.

You will not gain muscle at anywhere near the rate that a male can.

This isn't me saying that you shouldn't do any cardio, you absolutely should.

But, it shouldn't be the bulk of your training.

So, start investing time in lifting weights, and don't be afraid of the idea of gaining muscle.

Which leads me on to reason number 2…

2 - You're too focussed on just weighing less.

Firstly, let me state that saying ‘the scales don't matter’ is stupid.

In order to look toned, you will no doubt have to loose some body fat, which will result in your weight getting lower over time.


Its often nowhere near as much as you think.

Because of the very reason that you will experience periods of time where your body gains muscle, the scales may not move at the rate you expect them.

Thats perfectly fine.

The issue comes when you chase rapid and unsustainable weight loss.

That 10 day detox that promises you a stone weight loss in a week?

Thats not going to get you toned, thats going to get you skinny-fat.

While that may seem like a crude term, quick weight loss often leaves you looking like a deflated version of yourself, with little muscle tone or definition.

So drop the emotional ties to the scale weight, and focus more on measurements, clothes sizes and progress photos.

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3 - You’re trying to starve yourself, and then rebounding.

This is one i’ve seen all too many times.

You know diet is important, you know you probably need to eat less to start stripping body fat.

So you become ultra restrictive with your diet.

You clear out all your cupboards of junk food. No more chocolate, no more biscuits, nothing. You start off really well, but how long does it last?

You go 2, maybe 3 days, and then the weekend hits, and all hell breaks loose.

You rebound, eat through the deficit you created in the week, and say “f*** it, back on it again on Monday”

If you stay in this mindset, all you end up doing is spinning your wheels, getting absolutely nowhere.

The solution?

Find a more moderate approach. Work out how many calories you can actually consume and still loose fat, rather than just trying to eat as little as possible.

Get plenty of protein, this will support the muscle you’ll be gaining. Don’t massively restrict foods you know you will binge on. Learn to work them into your diet in moderate amounts.

Above all, focus on long term consistency, and drop the starvation mentality.

Drop the Starvation Mentality



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