Veganuary 2019 - so what is it about?

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The Veganuary campaign, encouraging people to give a Vegan diet a go for the month of January is under way, with over 250,000 people around the world signed up.

The first month of the year is commonly the time when people decide to change or resolve their eating habits in the hope of losing weight or improve their general wellbeing.

Christmas excesses now out of the way, it’s normally the first month of the year when we decide to make a positive change to our eating and living habits.

Switching to a vegan only diet is a big commitment for many and a possibly daunting one, but Veganuary 2019 aims to make this as easy and hassle free as possible.

It’s already seen 14,000 people pledge to go meat-free for first month of the new year – on average one person every six seconds has signed up.

Veganuary - What Is It About?

So, What Is Veganuary?

Veganuary was founded in 2014, as a campaign that encourages people to try a vegan diet for January.

Dedicated to changing public attitudes, while providing information and practical support needed to make the transformation to veganism as simple and fun as possible, Veganuary has become successful in its approach.

Top Tip - Over 250,000 have given Veganuary a go since its inception.

Touted as the latest trend for those wanting to start 2019 with a detox, the idea is to encourage people to begin the year on a healthy note and continue it for the rest of the year.

According to The Vegan Society, veganism is 'a lifestyle that avoids all animal foods such as meat, dairy, eggs, honey, animal-derived products like leather, and, as far as possible, products tested on animals.'

What Are The Benefits Of Going Vegan?

Vegan Food

Many people turn to a vegan diet for the health benefits and the organisers of Veganuary claim that going vegan, even for such a short spell, can bring about benefits.

1. Better Health & Sleep

According to the Veganuary website: “More than 75 per cent of people who have tried going vegan for a month report an improvement in their health. They said they slept better and they lost an average of 6lbs as a result of their changed diet.”

2. Weight Loss

It has been claimed that is much easier to lose weight on a vegan diet, which may partially be down to the fact that many plant sources of protein are lower in calories than meat.

Also, it’s not as simple to eat as a vegan which, while it may make it more difficult to grab something on the go, it eliminates snacking because many unhealthy snacks contain either meat or diary.

3. Lower Blood Pressure & Lower Risk Of Cancer

According to The Vegan Society, well-planned vegan diets follow healthy eating guidelines and contain all nutrients our bodies need. Some research has linked vegan diets with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

4. Lower Risk Of Diabetes Type 2

Research has suggested that vegans are more likely to have lower blood sugar levels, higher insulin sensitivity and up to 50-78% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Other studies have reported that diabetics who substitute meat for plant protein may reduce their risk of poor kidney function.

5. Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

In well-planned vegan diets, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and fibre features heavily and eating these have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Observational studies comparing vegans to vegetarians and the wider population have also suggested that vegans may benefit from up to 75% lower risk of developing high blood pressure.

6. Environmentally Friendly

From an environmental point of view, there are also benefits of choosing a vegan diet. According to Veganuary: ‘Eating a plant-based diet can cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution and water usage, prevent deforestation and save wild animals from extinction.’

The Future & How To Get Involved

Vegan products are getting a lot better and it is becoming a lot easier to have a plant-based diet that is tasty and, of course, packed with nutrients.

The Veganuary website states that the principal reason for people registering and going vegan for the month in 2018 was a concern for animal welfare, along with a concern for the environment and health reasons.

According to chain Waitrose, a third of UK consumers say they have purposefully reduced the amount of meat they eat or removed it from their diet entirely. The supermarket chain estimates that one in eight Britons are now vegetarian or vegan, and a further 21% of those surveyed say they are flexitarian, which is where a predominately vegetable-based diet is supplemented with meat occasionally.

If you are one of those considering Veganuary but may feel daunted by it remember, like many New Year Resolutions, planning and sticking to a vegan diet can be tricky, but should you slip up along the way it’s nothing to get too concerned about.

Simply remind yourself of why you’ve made the vegan pledge and start over and, above all else, enjoy the experience.

Example Vegan Products & Recipes

When it comes to being a Vegan your product choices & vegan recipes you can create obviously are reduced and may sometimes feel limiting, not anymore.

Eating and sticking to a Vegan diet can be tough when you don't enjoy the products and or meals you eat. Fortunately here at Musclefood, over the past year we have been putting a lot of effort into extending our Vegan and Vegetarian ranges to make Vegan living and eating much easier.

With that in mind, take a look at our best-selling Vegan Products, Meals and Recipes below which will help cater towards your Veganuary and your Vegan diet.

Can I drink smoothies while following a vegan diet?


Yes you can! There are so many alternatives including these customer favourites from AdeZ - currently flying off the shelves here at Musclefood HQ!

The AdeZ Dairy Free Smoothies are on-the-go plant based drinks that are a delicious source of nutrients.

They are a tasty blend of seeds - featuring oat, almond and coconut bases - and fruits, which combine to give you a satisfying, creamy flavour.

Their plant-based refreshment is great for anyone who is looking to introduce more sources of plant-based nutrition into their diet.

Dairy free and, of course, suitable for vegans, these drinks are a source of Vitamin E, with no added sugar and a wide range of flavours.

Olive and Aubergine Bites with Spiralised Veg Meal Pot198kcal Per Meal

Mushroom and Spinach Bolognese Meal Pot217kcal Per Meal

AdeZ Seed & Fruit Dairy Free SmoothiesNo Added Sugar

For Goodness Shakes Plant Protein20g Protein

Hippeas Organic Chick Pea Puffs90kcal Per Bag

Go Nutz Natural Energy Balls - 6 Pack96kcal Per Serving

Muscle Food Soy Protein Isolate 9026g Protein

Grenade Carb Killa Go Nuts Bar - Salted Peanut179kcal Per Bar

Tom Oliver Vegan Low Sugar Protein Bars14g Protein

5th Season Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks83kcal Per Pack

Brave Roasted Pea Snacks7g Fibre Per Pack

This is just a rough guideline as what works for one person may not work for you so tinker about until you find something that is sustainable for you, and as always, nutritious, high quality food is essential.



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