Ways to get protein on the go

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Protein is an essential part of any healthy eating diet. On average, men should be eating at least 55 grams of it a day, while for women that number is 45 grams. It’s ability to repair muscles post-workout and keep us feeling fuller for longer after eating are just two examples of how important it can be. However, it can be difficult to include enough protein in our diets at the best of times, particularly when we have long days at work, busy schedules and little time to be thinking about what we eat. With that in mind, we at musclefood have put together this list of five brilliant protein sources that you can eat on the go, whether that’s in the office, on a quick lunch break or after a gruelling workout.

Fridge Raiders Combos Chilli Mix

Fridge Raiders Combos contain a delicious mix of beans, sweet chilli rice crackers and cheese; the perfect combination of chilli, crunch and creamy cheese. These packs are perfect for quick snacking, handily portioned into 40 gram packets. What’s more, they deliver over 10 grams of muscle-feeding protein while also being low in sugar. You can buy them from musclefood now!


Some people baulk at the idea of eating jerky because of some brands insistence on loading theirs with additives and preservatives. However, beef jerky is high in protein and doesn’t raise your level of insulin – a hormone that tells your body to store fat. This makes it a great between-meals snack, especially if you are looking to lose weight. Some beef jerky brands are loaded with MSG and sodium nitrate, but you can find ones made from all-natural ingredients. Check the labels to find out which ones have reduced sodium content and are therefore better for.

Hard-boiled eggs

The humble egg is packed with nutrients, but taking them nutrients with you on the go can be difficult. That’s where hard-boiled eggs come in. A large hard-boiled egg contains just 77 calories, five grams of fat and a small amount of carbohydrates, with 6.3 grams of protein. Boil a few up in advance and keep them in the fridge so you can snack away when you’re feeling hungry, they’re one of the best sources of quick protein you can find.

Protein bars

You’ll find protein bars stocked in most places now, they’re no longer restricted to health shops or gyms, and there’s a good reason for that. They’re a handy way to enjoy a protein hit on the go thanks to their compact size and convenient packaging. You can keep a few in your office drawer or gym bag, for example. With a variety of flavours, fillings and toppings on offer, not to mention some of your favourite chocolate bars now available in protein varieties, protein bars are a great way to get your macronutrients in.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt, otherwise known as strained yogurt has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people cotton on to the benefits it offers a healthy diet. This creamy, rich yogurt with its slightly tart taste is, for example, a great source of protein. If you opt for a low-fat variety, you’re gaining all the good bits without having to worry about the calories. Yogurt has a much higher amount of protein than milk and Greek yogurt is a good way to obtain it, particularly if you’re looking to avoid meat. 100 grams of fat-free Greek yogurt contains 10 grams of protein. You can enjoy it on the go with fruit, spices or seeds as toppings to create a nutritious, fulfilling snack.



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