What would a PT eat at a Christmas Market?

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Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring tingle tingling too (ring-a-ling-a ding-dong-ding!), come on it’s lovely weather for a Christmas Market with you…

Oh how we love the season of indulgence here at Muscle Food HQ - it’s the perfect time to eat, drink and be merry!

But if you’re trying to maintain a little balance when faced with the never-ending stream of mince pies, chocolate and eggnog, at your local Christmas Market, you’ll be glad to know there are a few simple swaps you can make to keep your calorie intake in check AND still have plenty of festive fun.

With that in mind, we called upon our resident PT Steve Ahern to give you his top tips on how to indulge without blowing your healthy lifestyle out of the water.

The whole hog


The hog roast.  Just one serving of this downright delicious festive delight will give your bod the protein hit it deserves – a fantastic 27g, to be exact – along with a fairly decent overall calorie total of just 250kcal per serving.

Topped off with a roll and a dollop pf apple sauce, and your total calorie content will clock in at roughly 400.


The Bratwurst.  Oh goodness, we know – it’s a toughie – but just one Bratwurst packs in almost 300 calories on its own.  Yes, that’s before you add a bun to that festive favourite.

Not to mention the fact Bratwurst are notoriously high in fat – nearly 30g - and then they’re fried in fat too!  Before you know it, your yuletide treat is topping out at 500 calories per serving.

A gingerbread late for... a gingerbread latte


Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than walking around a chilly winter wonderland clasping a steaming beverage of spicy origin.  

It truly is a delight

Which is why you simply must get your mitts on A “skinny” Gingerbread Latte.

Made with skimmed milk, this classic merry beverage will add just 120 calories to your daily intake.  


Your full fat Gingerbread Latte WITH whipped cream on top!

Just because you want to be a bit more mindful of what you eat and drink doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the spice you love, but it’s good to know that Just one of these jolly pick-me-ups clock in with 320 calories per cup…

A lighter dessert


Crepes with a sprinkling of sugar and a spattering of lemon juice will help give you a cracking dessert fix without derailing your diet, and at 150kcal per serving, how could you possibly resist?


Oh, we know they smell amazing, but that traditional Christmas Market waffle has DOUBLE the calories of the afore mentioned crepe AND at least three times the fat content – up to 20g per serving – BEFORE you top it with lashings of Nutella.

Oh la la…

Grab a snowball


No, not the chilly, freeze your hands off kind – the drinking kind…

At roughly 110 calories per glass, this retro little cocktail is rich, fruity and creamy all in one thanks to its potent mix of Advocaat, lime juice and lemonade.  You can even stir it with a cinnamon stick for added Christmas cheer.


Eggnog.  It may be sweet, creamy and just absolutely delicious, but it’s a huge calorie killer with a small cup clocking in with 320 calories!

And finally...


A Christmas spiced Biscotti.  At just 50 calories per serving, you’d be downright mad to refuse one of these crunchy, spicy and downright delicious bites.  

Plus, they come in all sorts of flavours, from the classically spiced to a very festive orange and cranberry creation and everything in between, you’ll be sure to get your biscuit fix without any guilt!


The gingerbread man.  The average gingerbread biscuit contains about 180 calories, 4.5g fat and up to 20g of sugar, and let’s face it, no one ever stops at just one.

Before you know it, you’ve eaten 6 and you’re well on your way to a serious sugar high, and with that high comes the glucose spike, and that’s before you add any festive décor in the styling of Santa, Rudolph or snowy snowmen.

Now, that said, if you want to really go for it – then do it!  Embrace Christmas in all its decadent deliciousness and revel in the spirit of the season.  You certainly won’t receive any judgement here…



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