What Does One Night Of Binge Drinking Do To Your Body?

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  • We all love to party from time to time, and partying usually involves copious amounts of alcohol!
  • The day after, chances many of you are signed out for the rest of the day with beasty hangovers and your head down the toilet.
  • But what happens to the rest of your body after a night of binge drinking? We take a look at how your body changes when crammed full of booze.

The holiday party season is here – time to crack open the beers, down some shots and get to a point where you will forget everything that happened the night before!

But wait, before you take that sixth drink… slamming that back could do worse damage than just a huge hangover the morning after.

According to a new study, binge drinking can cause the release of harmful toxins into your bloodstream, and is even linked to anxiety.

The researchers took blood samples from 25 people every half hour, as they drank enough to raise their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels at least 0.08%.

Once they reached this level, they stopped drinking, and continued being tested for 24 hours, to see exactly what goes on in the human body as they start to slowly recuperate after a mad one on the town.

Hilary Duff Really Wasted

Blood alcohol concentration declined more slowly in women than it did in men. Even after the full 24 hours, women’s BAC levels continued to be higher than men.

But wait guys, before you celebrate that you escape the negative effects…

Levels of endotoxins – the harmful toxins that are released when cells in the gut deteriorate and enter the bloodstream – increased rapidly after half an hour of drinking. This level of endotoxins stayed high for almost the entire duration of the experiment for both men and women.

Thanks to endotoxins, your body’s immune response changes. Ever felt your muscles ache the morning after?  That’s because your body’s been forced to retrieve nutrients from muscles.

Binging could also lead to liver inflammation and even heightened levels of anxiety.

Now, we are not preaching here… Let your hair down every once in a while, – we do! All we’re doing is highlighting some of the negative bodily effects, because we all already know the body will be effected in some way.

However, we are saying you shouldn’t binge for more than one night in a row. Sorry to be the fun police, but a recent study found that an entire weekend of getting hammered could potentially damage your DNA!



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