What REALLY happens to your body when you give up alcohol for a month?

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  • One simple way for you to get that summer bod you're hoping to show off this sunny season is to give up the booze.
  • Yes, really! Alcohol is super calorific and packed with sugar so it stands to reason that the more you drink, the more weight you'll gain.
  • Forgo your favourite tipple, and your beer belly will soon turn into abs of steel – WHOOP – Superman eat your krypton heart out.

The "H" Bomb…

Hangovers and the feeling of regret are common after what initially seemed as a fun, heavy night out.

In fact, one of the most common statements made by those of us after a team night out is something along the lines of "I really should not have drunk that much."

And no matter how many times we say the words "I am never drinking again," chances are we often find ourselves in the same situation a few weeks later at the next Employee Of The Month event…

Furthermore, we KNOW we're not alone – yeah, we're talking about you guys!

Alas, despite our best intentions to go alcohol free at the beginning of 2019, it's fair to assume most of us will have failed in that endeavour.

However, it's not too late to get the body of your dreams in time for some chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool by the pool – whoop!

Within 24 hours of drinking


You've probably woken up with a beastly hangover from that previous big night. In this moment, your body might start to suffer sweats, or tremors, as you want to do a whole load of nothing!

After this initial period, you'll start to 'detox,' as your blood sugar returns to normal, you'll reap the benefits of a clear head and say hello to the extra money in your wallet.

Just think of how much you spend on a night - £20 for me (yes I'm a lightweight). And if I'm going out every week, deciding to stoop will save me £1,040 in a year!

Within the week

bad night's sleep

Simply put, you'll have a much better night's sleep.

Since alcohol is a diuretic, your body is both encouraged to go to the bathroom and drink more water – due to the higher levels of fluid lost through sweating.

No more getting up for toilet breaks + no more dehydration = improved sleeping patterns.

Within a fortnight

alcohol stomach

Did you know that Alcohol irritates your stomach lining?

If you've ever felt a burning sensation in your throat while drinking, that's the result of reflux – where stomach acid actually burns your throat.

Within a fortnight, that feeling will be gone and your stomach will feel MUCH better. Alongside this, you will start to reap the benefits of kicking out those empty calories.

As you can see in our previous post about calories in booze, you'd have to work out a lot to get rid of these. Make things easier for yourself by just cutting out the alcohol.

Within 3-4 weeks

blood pressure

Getting hammered does a number on your ticker!

Over time, the calories in alcohol don't just make you gain weight, the effect of this also ramps up your blood pressure.

By this point in shunning the drinks, you'll start to feel calmer as your blood pressure reduces.

Within a month

blood pressure

So you're coming to the end of your month without booze. Turns out you may not want to stop as you WILL look visibly better.

The toxins in Alcohol make your skin saggy and more susceptible to premature ageing.

After a month without booze in your system, the elasticity in your skin will return, giving you back that superhero-esqu visage…



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