Back to Routine: What to expect when the gyms re-open

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Life post COVID-19 means a lot of changes in our daily life including the gym. There will be a few key differences with gym that will affect your workout!

1. You will likely need to pre book your training days / time slots (via an app or booking system).

This may seem like an added hurdle, but this is something that should really benefit people and it’s a habit we’ve encouraged our members to have for years. Especially if you often find yourself not attending the gym as consistently as you’d like before the lockdown. Research also shows that ‘implementation intentions’ (in this case by pre booking you are saying “I will go to the gym on X day at X time) can have positive effects on our habits.

Photo by Oleg Magni / Unsplash

2. There will be pre-entry / entry protocols.

You will be encouraged to arrive at the gym ready to train (changing rooms and lockers etc. should still be available though, but with social distancing measures.) When you arrive you will be required to sanitise your hands, and some gyms will take your temperature.  

Gym Box London
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante / Unsplash

3. The gym layout will be different.

When you get onto the gym floor you will notice floor markings for individual training zones to ensure social distancing. The machines will be spread out (or in some cases every other machine will be marked as out of use). There may also be screens between some kit. There will also be hand sanitising stations and wipes for cleaning your equipment after use. All of the above is to ensure a safe and clean training environment for members and staff.

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Sam Dimmick

Sam Dimmick

Sam is an MNU Certified Nutritionist with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Conditioning and Coaching. Ex-pro rugby player & now Director of RM fitness, he is focused on helping people from all walks of life.