Why Having A Fitness Buddy Is The Best Thing Ever

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Having a fitness buddy in your life not only has the ability to make your workouts more fun, but they can also hold you more motivated, accountable and help you set and achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Working out with a pal can make such a huge difference to your overall and fitness.  We’ve already covered a few of the key reasons why in the paragraph above, but recent studies have also shown that working out with a friend can have a positive impact on your mental health too.

According to a new study in Perspectives on Psychology Science, loneliness is just as harmful to your well being as smoking 15 cigarettes.

So, banish the lonely and spend some quality time with your friends in the gym - no not to gossip about the latest episode in your fave TV show, but to get your sweat on! Of course if you do happen to discuss your fave show between sets, that’s fine too.

You’ll be killing two birds with one stone and you’ll both be reaping a tonne of benefits, like the following…

You’ll Enjoy Yourself More

A study conducted at the University of Southern California found that people who worked out with a partner enjoyed getting sweaty a whole lot more than those who went solo.

Well, it does make sense… you enjoy hanging out with your friends so combining the two means more laughs than grunts!

No More Rut

When working out alone it’s far too easy to slip into your old ways and not push as hard as you could, thus causing you to plateau - boo.

Having a friend there will help you switch things up and keep your workouts interesting, therefore breaking you out of your rut!

Less Chance Of Injury

Provided you have a partner who knows a few things about form and technique, you’ll be less likely to pick up unwanted and unnecessary injuries as they will be able to give your form a quick once over.

Knees ahead of toes when squatting, back bowing during your plank… the usual suspects can all be caught early saving you a world of pain later.

You’ll Push Yourself Even Harder

Training with a pal awakens your inner competitor helping you push harder and longer, which is absolutely FANTASTIC news!

In fact, a study conducted by Kansas State University found that people who trained with someone they thought better than them upped their game by 200 percent.

Keep that up and you’ll reach your goals in no time!

You’ll Be Less Stressed

According to a study published in the International Journal of Stress Management, people who workout with a friend tend to feel calmer than those who train solo.

Not a Chatty Cathy? That’s okay because the study also proved that it wasn’t chat that got people through a tough session, it was the mere presence of a friend that produced a stress-busting effect.

More Steamy Sessions

This one is only true if your workout partner is your life partner too…

Essentially, the physical symptoms you experience whilst working out are really similar to those when aroused which is why you feel more attracted to your partner after bashing out an ace gym session.

A recent study also found that partners who train together are more likely to have more steamy sessions between the sheets than those who train alone...

No More Quitting

We’ve all had those days when we literally drag your dead ass to the gym, muddle through a workout at snail pace only to quit halfway because you simply cannot be bothered.

BUT, training with a partner has been shown to help keep motivation levels high, even on days when you don’t really fancy a workout.

You’ll Reach Your Goals Faster

By being consistent and pushing yourself to the max in the gym thanks to all the fantastic motivation your partner gives you, you’ll naturally reach your goals faster - BOOM.

And when you do you’ll have someone there to cheer you on!



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