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Live North of the Border?  Chances Are You’re One of the Buffest People in Britain!

Here at Muscle Food HQ we’re always on the lookout for some fun fitness facts, so when one of the team members mused aloud one day, “I wonder where the buffest postcode is…” our fact finding interest was piqued.

So we gathered and collated a LOT of information in order to discover just that and, well, we couldn’t be more shocked at the results.

Let’s be honest, you, like us, probably thought somewhere like Essex or even Newcastle would come out on top if reality TV was to be believed but surprisingly neither even made the top ten.

Turns out the wee border Burgh of Galashiels* in Scotland just so happens to be the buffest place in Britain!

Yes, we too looked at the results in disbelief, but we checked, double checked and thrice checked the figures and all three times Galashiels fended off competition from the likes of West Central London to lift the buff crown.

Buffest Postcode

In fact, eight of the top ten spots go to the Scots with only Belfast and East Central London sneaking into the top ten.

Other Scottish towns and cities making an appearance are Dundee, Falkirk, Paisley, Kirkcaldy, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Motherwell with Edinburgh just pipped at the top ten post, coming in at 11th.

Surprisingly English towns dominated the bottom end of the table with Bradford, Shrewsbury, Harrow, Hereford, Walsall and Birmingham all making an appearance.

It’s fair to say the Haggis loving hotties in Scotland have certainly surprised us with their love of Muscle Food goodies.

So much for the fizzy drinks and deep fried chocolate bars often associated with living north of the border!

We honestly expected London to be home to the most hunks what with the whole stockbroker lifestyle hitting the gym after work.

But, it seems the further north you go you’re more likely to find the beefcakes with Newcastle, Liverpool and Warrington all ranking high in our data.

So, with the rest of Britain having some catching up to do, we ask all you Scots – just what is your secret to being so buff?!  Let us know on Facebook.

Must be something in the whisky…

Is Your Postcode Hot or Not?

The Buffest Areas
The Least Buff Areas
1. Galashiels
1. Bradford
2. Belfast
2. Shrewsbury
3. East Central London
3. Harrow
4. Dundee
4. Hereford
5. Falkirk
5. Walsall
6. Paisley
6. Oldham
7. Kirkcaldy
7. Dorchester
8. Glasgow
8. Birmingham
9. Aberdeen
9. Kirkwall
10. Motherwell
10. Llandrundod Wells

*Based on percentage of population who buy from Muscle Food.  Proportional to population.