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British Women Have The ‘LOWEST Self-Esteem In The World’ – WHY?

A new study has shown that British women’s lack of body confidence has reached a ‘critical level’ – showing they have one of lowest self-esteem scores in the world. Just 20% said they liked the way they looked.

So why is this happening? Well you may remember our blog showing that steroid use was on the increase amongst young men… It’s for exactly the same reasons – pressures of the world around them.

Woman low body confidence

For every advert championing body confidence, there’s another asking people if they are “beach body ready” lowering the self-esteem of women everywhere!

Simply put, not enough is being done to help empower women and drive meaningful conversations. Improving yourself is always important – male or female – but it shouldn’t be forced via a challenging portrayal in the media.

More than 50% also said that social media was a driving force behind their self-esteem issues. Now, not only do you have traditional media channels pressuring people, you’ve got other everyday people pressuring others through social.

One thing we all know is that something needs to change. It can be a challenge to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else – and the media is not helping the situation!


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