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My Bro Years - 5 Workout "Bro Science" Myths You Should Ignore

By Sam Whitaker

  • If you have ever spoken to someone who is ripped, you may have heard some rather outlandish scientific claims
  • This is what's called "bro science" - rumours that are spread based on what the gym "bros" have done
  • While character evidence is useful, it also does create some pretty crazy myths
  • Sam Whitaker counts through 5 Workout "Bro science" myths you should ignore
My Bro Years

I’m not saying I stay up reading research studies until the early hours, but I do spend time following the work of evidence based people many, many times more knowledgeable than I am - Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon, Martin MacDonald, Danny Lennon, Eric Helms and Team Shredded by Science to name just a few.

Following the likes of the above people has taught me a lot over the last 4-5 years.

More recently, I’ve decided to expand my knowledge further and enrol on the SBS Academy. As at the time of writing, I'm pleased to say I've passed the module 1 exam and am currently enjoying module 2.

I’m also eyeing up the Mac Nutrition University course as well, once I've finished the SBS Academy.

As my knowledge has improved over the years, it's made me realise how silly & ridiculous some of the things I used to believe are and, what makes it worse, that I used to actually tell people.

Even though I feel more confident and knowledgeable after learning from the above resources, the more I learn, the more I realise how much more there still is out there for me to learn.

I think this realisation is important in any field.

My Bro Years

The moment you think you know everything, the moment you stop growing and improving. And if you're completely closed off to any new information, the worse off you'll be for it.

Imagine if scientists in the 1900's stopped researching and making new discoveries because they thought they knew everything... We’d have no smart phones, no air-conditioned cars and no internet!


I like to think of the first year or so in my fitness journey as my ‘bro’ years.

Most people, I think, have a ‘bro’ year or two when they first start out in the fitness industry.

Most of the information and 'knowledge' in the first year(s) usually comes from fitness magazines, the most jacked guy at the gym, or just poor online sources.

If anyone is unsure of what I mean by ‘bro’ years, I’m referring to something dubbed ‘bro science’.

"Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research." - Urban Dictionary

"Bro, you gotta slam 40-60 grams of waxy maize plus 20 grams of BCAA within 7 seconds of finishing your last set of squat rack curls. Otherwise, you'll go straight catabolic." - Bro science in action.

The above is attributed to Alan Aragon. (His monthly research review, the AARR, is one of my favourite resources by the way).

So I thought it’d be fun to go back and look at some of the things I used to believe and the mistakes I made, to hopefully help educate people and free them of these 'bro-isms'

So here goes…

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