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My Bro Years

Bro Myth #2

You just need to 'eat clean'

Through lack of education more than anything I think, I would exclusively eat ‘clean’ foods and never eat ‘bad’ foods.

When I say I never ate ‘bad’ foods, what I mean is I just avoided ‘bad’ foods until my cheat day.

Then I would eat as much as I physically could.

Almost to point of feeling really sick.

And this was supposed to be 'healthy'. Hmmmm...

(I’ve written about how this caused me to struggle with orthorexia nervosa, a non-clinical eating disorder here – and here)

My Bro Years

Over time, I began to understand that there weren’t any inherently bad foods and that it's possible to consume some of the foods I thought of as 'bad' more regularly, fitting them into my daily/weekly calorie goals.

Getting rid of the urge to binge on these foods at the weekend, improving my results and my relationship with food.

I adopted a more flexible approach and the calorie tracking app/website, MyFitnessPal became my best friend.

To start with I'll admit, I went a little too far the other way, trying to hit my calorie & macro targets bang on.

This lead to some anxiety around food when it came to situations where I couldn't accurately measure what I was eating.

This wasn't ideal either.

However, I'm pleased to say that now I’ve reached a happy middle ground, where I track things most of the time and just aim for ball park figures, which seems to work well for me.

Making use of the benefits of roughly knowing how much I'm eating but also allowing me some flexibility to enjoy eating out, parties etc.

Take home point - You do not need to 'eat clean' and avoid 'dirty' foods to be healthy and lose weight. Don't view foods as good or bad. Foods aren't good or bad per se. They should be viewed in the context of the rest of your diet.

You can include some 'bad' foods in your diet.

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