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My Bro Years

Bro Myth #4

Every day is chest and arms day

Okay, so this isn’t a myth as such, but it’s a very ‘bro’ thing to do.

When I first started lifting weights, I would never train legs, only upper body.

Which, considering the prevalence of guys wearing skinny jeans, is still an issue for many have.

I don’t think I consciously avoided training legs. The thought just never crossed my mind, which is ridiculous thinking about it now.

Even when I did start to train legs it was only about 3 sets, twice per week.

I thought the paltry bit of cycling & running I was doing at the time was enough for legs and didn't want to over-do it. (I actually chuckled to myself writing that. Oh how naïve I was)

My Bro Years

Fortunately, now I realise the importance of training lower body and have 2 full sessions in the gym dedicated to it. Which I would recommend most people do.

And now I'm proud to say that I cannot fit into a pair of skinny jeans, even if I wanted to.

Also, on a related topic, make sure you train the muscles behind you and not just the ones you see in the mirror.

All of your back muscles, rear delts, glutes & hamstrings all need as much, if not more, attention as your chest & arms. Not only to create a balanced physique but also to prevent strength imbalances that could injury.

Take home point - Train your whole body, including your legs and the muscles groups behind you. Just because you can see them in the mirror doesn't mean everyone else can't see them. And guys should not be able to fit into skinny jeans.

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