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My Bro Years

Bro Myth #5

Cardio kills gainz

I went through a phase of thinking any sort of steady state cardio would cause muscle loss.

I’m not sure where I picked this up from, but I was pretty worried of losing muscle mass if I did much cardio, particularly steady state.

Now, I realise that provided you give your muscles an adequate resistance training stimulus, eat enough protein and fuel your training sessions, any muscle loss from cardio exercise will be minimal to none.

That’s not to say there’s zero interference effect from cardio that could impact muscle mass growth mind you.

If you wanted to put on the absolute maximum amount of muscle mass possible, then a lot of cardio probably isn’t a great idea.

However, for most people (myself included), the difference is miniscule.

Over the last year I’ve got the road cycling bug and regularly cycle 100+ miles a week and I haven't noticed any negative effect on muscle mass.

Granted, this is a sample size of one, but the science seems to support this fact - particularly when it comes to cycling.

In fact, my legs have improved if anything, likely due to the high volume of cycling so much.

My Bro Years

Take home point - As long as you don't take things to the extreme and start marathon training on 800kcal/day, your precious muscle mass will probably be OK.

If you're wanting to be on the Mr Olympia stage and/or care about building the absolute maximum about of muscle possible, you might want to limit your cardio to incline treadmill walking bro… But for most people, cardio isn't going to kill your gainz!

When I first thought about writing an article on this subject, I asked some other fitness professionals about their ‘bro’ years and what ideas they bought into that they now realise a bit silly.

Mike Sweeney RD gave me with such a great, detailed answer, I turned that into a blog post itself, which you can read here!

So, there we have it! 5 bro myths that I was guilty of believing and, more embarrassingly, used to preach to other people.

Hopefully by sharing these with you, you won't make the same mistake.

I'd be interested to know if you disagree with me and think any of the above aren't actually myths. Or if you have any of your own 'Bro myths' you were guilty of believe in your 'bro' years.

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