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5 Ways To Bulk On A Budget

  • Winter is coming, so it’s time for many of us to bulk up

  • But the art of bulking can be an expensive one!

  • So how do you increase mass without breaking the bank?

  • Here are 5 top tips to do so

1. Learn how (and where) to shop

Buying bacon in bulk

No, this is not going to be a plea to buy from Muscle Food, but we do have an awesome Early Black Friday going right now!

But seriously, you’ve got to pick and choose your places to shop. Go for the reduced aisle in a supermarket, or buy big hampers for freezing.

2. Learn to cook

Failing to cook

We have a good recipe section to help with this, but to get the most out of your food you have to learn great cooking skills.

Learn some good, wholesome recipes to give you all the macros you need! That will help you when it comes to bulking up.

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