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Can You Actually Lose Weight By Just Walking?

  • Let’s be honest – while you all shop at Muscle Food (and we are all happy workers here at HQ), some of you and some of us just hate going to the gym

  • That doesn’t mean we don’t keep track of our fitness, but we just get healthy in other ways

  • But when it comes to working out outside of the gym, could you lose weight by just walking?

Woman sunrise

I’ve got to make a confession… While I do pay for a gym membership, I actually hate going to the gym and actively look for other ways to get fit.

It’s true – not all the team here at Muscle Food HQ have been bit by the gym bug. I prefer working out at home or going for a jog, maybe even walking.

But that last one in particular… Many people look on it and say “that’s not exercise.” But is it? Can you actually lose weight by just walking?

In one word: yes.

While there are certain circumstances, such as weight and walking pace, that will affect things, scientifically you can lose weight by having a stroll.

Doing the math, one mile equals roughly 2,000 steps (which is about 100 calories). One pound of weight is equal to 3,500 calories. So, if you smash 10,000 steps a day, you will lose that one pound every week.

Malcolm in the middle power walk

BUT, don’t forget about the intensity of that walking. You don’t have to be like the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, but giving it some pace will engage those fat-burning hormones.

Do you agree? Think I’m full of it, and really should just man up and go gym? Let me know in the comments!


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