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Can You Drink BEER And LOSE FAT? The Beer Belly Is A LIE

  • Turns out it’s possible to drink beer and STILL lose fat
  • Alcohol does NOT contain fat, but contains toxins that indirectly affect your ability to burn fat
  • Keep your calorie and fat intake low, and you may actually LOSE fat while drinking
  • Take the beer beast quiz below, to see whether you’re up to the challenge

I see you, staring longingly at that pint of beer – thinking “can I drink this and not screw up my diet?” Well it turns out that all kinds of booze can actually be okay, provided you follow some key rules.

Men drinking beer

Is it possible to enjoy a few pints with your mates and STILL lose fat?

And before you ask – no, we’re not taking into account the effect of beer on your fitness regime. That’s a different story.

In this, we’re simply taking things from a nutrition perspective – you CAN drink and not mess up your diet, so long as you keep some things in mind:

  • Eating more than we need makes us fat, as the excess energy is stored on the body.
  • Calorie, fat and carb excesses are stored as fat, but it’s extremely tough for the body to convert excess protein into fat.
  • Alcohol does not contain fat, but the calories come from carbs that will store as fat on the body whenever you exceed your calorie level.
  • Alcohol also indirectly affects the way your body burns fat, through acetate – a toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism.
  • If you exceed that calorie level, any dietary fat you ate on the day will be stored as body fat – the level of which depends on how many calories you drink.
  • 1g of carbs contains 4 calories, 1g of fat contains 9 calories, and 1g of alcohol packs on 7 calories

Understand? There’s a test at the end, so you better do!

So how do these translate into the real world?

Moderate Drinking – 1-3 beers

Women enjoying wine

If you're only drinking moderately, turns out it could be pretty simple to lose fat

The fat-loss fix here is a simple one – reduce your food intake and leave room for the alcohol you are drinking. This can be done through reducing your fat and carb intake, while keeping protein levels the same for muscle maintenance.

Let’s say you drink three beers, which equal roughly 600 calories. To leave room for this, you’ll need to take out 75g of carbs (300 calories) and roughly 33g fat (297 calories).

Binge Drinking once a week

Men on a night out

Going in big with the lads? Calorie counting isn’t really enjoyable when you are!

While the same process of calculating numbers would be identical to moderate drinking, chances are you don’t give a monkies about numbers when you’re at the bar…

So these tips aren’t exact maths, but it’s again simply fuelling your body with things it will have trouble storing as fat. On the days where you know a lot of booze will be involved:

  • Keep that fat intake EXTREMELY low
  • Try to shun beers and drink shots, spirits with zero-calorie mixers or dry red wines. This means you may not have to do as much exercise to burn them off….
  • Eat your protein target to preserve muscle mass, while restricting your carbs
  • For the love of God, say “NO” to the post-night out takeaway

And this is not us recommending anyone ‘drink’ their calories regularly. If alcohol is part of your social life, you should be able to enjoy it occasionally – forcing yourself not to is a set up for failure.


So, did you get all that? Let’s test your knowledge. Share your result with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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