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James Tindale

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James Tindale

You may know of James as the guy from hit MTV show Geordie Shore, but he is also an avid fitness enthusiast and business entrepreneur.

He started working out at the age of fourteen purely because he realised that he needed to take care of himself in order to keep fit and healthy. He began kickboxing and absolutely loved it but within a few years he knew he wanted to up his fitness game.

He began seriously hitting the gym at 19 in order to build lean muscle mass and within months he began to see a big change in his physique.

Seeing results spurred James on to further delve into the world of fitness, after all, it was (and still is) his passion.

From early on in his fitness journey James recognised just how vital good nutrition is in helping you reach your workout goals and so, he set up his own supplement company with a view to providing top quality supplements to help others reach their potential.

But, supplements weren’t enough for James. He gained his personal training qualification and became determined to revolutionise how we train in the gym by setting up BodySculptVT – an interactive "on demand" personal training service from the man himself.

Essentially he wanted to educate the masses in how to train properly, eat right and get results…

Meal Planner

Average day food intake:

09:00 - Meal 1 - Breakfast

11:30 - Meal 2

12:30 - Gym

14:30 - Post workout supplements

15:30 - Meal 3

18:00 - Meal 4

20:00 - Meal 5

22:30 - Snack

  • Casein protein shake, and handful of almonds

Interview with James Tindale

First of all why did you decide to get fit?

I realised I needed to start taking care of myself from a young age so I started working out in the gym and kick boxing.

Although I really enjoyed it, I didn’t take it to the next level until I was around 19 years old. That’s when I started to get serious about it and worked hard on my chest, legs, arms etc.

How did you go about it and how long was it before you saw results?

To be honest I saw a big difference in myself within weeks but it took a few months for others to really notice it. I started to get a lot of compliments and although I thought the differences were subtle, when I look back I realise now there was a huge difference.

We've read that you would happily workout 14 hours in the week so, what is your fitness regime like at the moment?

I make room for a gym session 6 days of the week and I hit it as hard as I possibly can during those sessions. If you're going to be in the gym you may as well make the most of your time there! A lot of people go to socialise but I go to train.

What kind of impact does that have on your personal and social life?

James Tindale

[Laughs] well, I’m on Geordie shore and I got to keep my image up! That involves looking my best too. I suppose I want to be an inspiration to others but I do like to party too!

The gym is a lifestyle choice but filming the show for 6 or 7 weeks at a time can have a big impact on my results so I tend to cram in the sessions between shoots to try and stay in the best shape possible. But I have a very busy social life!

And what is your end goal to all of your training?

I haven’t really got one. I always want to improve. I’m never happy with my body but it’s good to be like that because it makes you want to get better all the time – it's better being like that than being lazy!

Now, it's obvious you've worked really hard and you've gained serious results so what advice would you give to others who were maybe wishing to follow in your footsteps…

A lot of training success is down to diet. Basically, cut the [rubbish]. Have a good protein intake and keep at it.

The mistake people make is they expect to see results immediately but it doesn’t happen like that! Train hard, get the diet right and you will see results but it takes perseverance and dedication.

The mistake people make is they expect to see results immediately but it doesn't happen like that! Train hard, get the diet right and you will see results but it takes perseverance and dedication.

How important is nutrition to your training?

It's absolutely essential. Massive really. You can train as hard as you want, but without the right diet you're not going to get anywhere near the physique you want.

What foods are your must eats in helping you to maintain your physique?

Steak, Cashews and Almonds

I actually have a bit of a weird one… I eat steaks for breakfast with cashew nuts and almonds. You'd be surprised how good it is for you!

To be honest, though, I really enjoy the dieting, I do have a cheat meal but eating it just makes me want to push harder in the gym the next day.

I also eat a lot of egg whites and protein bread. The bread is great because it feels like a cheat meal but it's actually pretty good for you!

How do you feel about supplementation?

For me, they're handy. If you're out and about it's easy to get your all your nutrition you need from a shake or supplement. It's so good for travelling!

What's your greatest gym achievement to date?

When I first started training I couldn't do pull-ups but now I can bosh them out no problem! It feels so good to achieve something like this and see how far I've come from that first serious gym session. I train for high reps.

Who is your biggest workout inspiration?

A lot of the bodybuilders out there at the moment - and The Rock [Dwayne Johnston] he's really motivational!

Tell us a little bit about Geordie Shore – how and
why did you decide to go on the show?

James Tindale - Geordie Shore

To be honest, when I first started the show no one knew what it was.

I was working in nightclubs at the time and the casting crew came in and invited me to an interview for this new MTV show. I had no clue what it was going to be but I kept getting through the stages.

I think I had four or five interviews in total and then I found out I’d got on. So I booked 6 weeks off work and ended up in this house with cameras following me everywhere… I can't believe we're on the 8th series now!

What's it like being on the show?

It's fun! The cameras are there but you get used to them and we have a great laugh.

What impact has that had on your fitness outlook?

I have to train a lot more to maintain my fitness level. But it has also opened up a lot more doors for me in terms of my fitness. People come to me for advice now and want to know my training tips.

People come to me for advice now and want to know my training tips.

Some critics may say that the amount of partying and things could actually be detrimental to overall fitness goal - what kind of impact do you think it has?

To be honest - fair enough. If I wanted to be a fitness model it realistically wouldn't be possible for me to maintain my physique and be on the show like I am.

But the average guy does take a drink and eat a certain amount of unhealthy food too. At least I do hit the gym! I'm doing it all for my own benefit - the training - and I enjoy socialising too.

What the critics don't see is when I'm not filming, I'm training and I don't actually drink or party as hard as it appears on the show.

We know that the show isn't all you do, tell us more about your personal training business, Body Sculpt…

James Tindale

I filmed it last month in Las Vegas, which was amazing! It's the first of its kind so I'm thrilled it's finally happening.

The programme works around the user and I suppose I'll be like their own personal trainer in their pocket. The best thing is it's not just for guys, girls can use it too and I also give nutritional advice to really help everyone stay on track.

Since I started working out and started my supplement company I liked the thought of helping people face to face. It's daunting going to the gym for the very first time.

People surround you and some of the moves/machines can be pretty tough to understand or have the right technique.

Essentially I wanted to create something that'll help people who don't really know what to do in the gym and who are shy to ask the gym staff.

I try to cover everything from diet to form and technique. I honestly can't wait for it to launch… I’m very excited!!

Have you any other businesses on the go at the moment?

Gods Gift Logo

I've my own supplement company and we're constantly developing loads of new products. I also have the gym clothing business, which is going well.

I have a lot of things on the go; you need to follow your passions in life and luckily all mine work together - fitness, fashion and nutrition!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Not really, I suppose the gym is my passion and I'd love to take it further.

You have to follow your dreams and grab opportunities when they come along. Otherwise you'll regret them later in life.