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Cheese Wars – Why You Should Eatlean This Festive Season

Cheese Wars – Why You Should Eatlean

CHEESE! There’s hardly a person in the world who doesn’t love it, and if you’re one of them – why?!

It can transform the humble sandwich into a taste extravaganza.  It can add a touch of creamy satisfaction to your favourite pasta dish.  It can add a tasty twist to your bland chicken salad.  It can even be enjoyed on its own with a little chutney as a cracking snack - but is cheese actually good for your health?

Short answer – yes!

Long answer, cheese is a great source of calcium, it’s packed with protein and it is crammed with vitamins aplenty including our favourite, the sunshine vitamin AKA Vitamin D.

It’s even good for your teeth as it can neutralise the acid build up in your mouth after a hearty meal, thus minimising tooth decay!

However, many cheeses are perilously high in fat and sat fats with critics also charging it with the causation of catarrh and exacerbation of allergies.

But, there is good news, as not all cheeses are created equal...

In fact, there’s a new spreadable cheese in town that’s going to revolutionise the cheese world forever and it goes by the name: Eatlean Spreadable Protein Cheese.

Eat This, NOT That

Now, we know that’s a big statement to make especially when there are so many spreadable cheese varieties available, but it’s true.  You only have to compare the nutritional values of Eatlean Spreadable and the current market leader to see that.

Spreadable (100g)
Market Leading
Spreadable Cheese (100g)
Calories 138 Kcal 235 Kcal -97 Kcal
Fat 5.8g 21.5g -15.7g
of which Saturates 3.1g 14.5g -11.4g
Carbohydrates 4g 4g 0g
of which sugars 1.9g 4g -2.1g
Protein 17g 5.5g +11.5g
Salt 1.6g 0.75g +0.65g
Calcium 500mg 110mg +390mg


“Bet it’s full of additives and over processed,” we hear you say.

“With nutritionals like that it can’t be ‘real’ cheese, it’s going to taste like rubber” we hear you cry.

Well, we’re thrilled to prove you wrong because Eatlean Spreadable Protein Cheese is, indeed, ‘real’ having been made following the same processes as every other spreadable cheese in the land.

It’s even made from 100% British cows milk and 100% natural ingredients on a real dairy farm in Cheshire by expert cheesemakers – and trust us, they care about cheese, so you know it’s going to taste amazing!

It’s also suitable for vegetarians and pasteurised so mums-to-be can tuck in and have their cheese fix too.

The best thing, though, is the flavour.  It is PACKED with taste bud tickling deliciousness, a smooth, creamy texture and it spreads like a dream.


Plus, unlike so called fat-free or low fat spreadable cheese, this cheese isn’t crammed with lots of unnecessary additives, preservatives and flavours; it’s just regular cheese that’s better for you.

All in all, Eatlean Spreadable Cheese is setting a new standard for spreadable cheese everywhere, and we’re delighted about it.

So go on, get cheese back on your menu, your taste buds will thank you for it.

EatLean Cheese

*Compared with Original Philadelphia Full Fat Soft Cheese – nutritional information correct at time of publication.

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