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Chloe Goodman

Vital Statistics Current
Height 5ft 4in (1.65cm)
Weight 7st 10lb (45kg)
Body Fat 19.5%

22 year old Chloe Goodman from Brighton rose to fame on MTV’s Ex On The Beach. She then went on to make a short (but sweet) trip into the Celebrity Big Brother house. 

As a model and body double for Cheryl Fernandez Versini, Chloe isn’t shy of a little prancing around in her bikini, and who’d blame her with that figure!

Chloe Goodman

We were thrilled to get the opportunity to speak to Chloe and find out if she still has beef with fellow Ex On The Beach contestant Vicky Pattison, what CFV is ACTUALLY like and how she manages to live the life of a celeb socialite whilst keeping such a trim physique!

Chloe after Transformation

Training & Meal Plan

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Training: Leg day Rest Day Training: Abs day
Meal: Fish (Seabass) dish Meal: Chicken dish Meal: Steak dish
Thursday Friday Saturday
Rest day Training: Arms & legs day Rest day
Meal: Lamb dish Meal: Fish dish (Salmon) Meal: Pasta Dish
Rest day
Meal: Cheat meal day

Meal Plan

Interview with Chloe Goodman

So we all know you from Ex On The Beach & Celebrity Big Brother, which one did you enjoy the most?

Most people would think it would be Ex On The Beach, purely because of the location we were filming in. But I did love CBB and wanted to stay in longer.


The best part is you get to do everything you wouldn't be able to do in a normal job and its very sociable. The worst part is probably keeping some things private. When it’s on TV it becomes a lot harder!

Have you still got beef with Vicky Pattison?

I’ll keep it brief as I don't like talking about her. But yes and we’ll never get on.

We heard you were Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s body double – did you ever get to meet her? If so what was she like?

Yes, I've been her double on a few occasions. She's always been extremely lovely and unlike most people in the industry I've met, she's extremely genuine. Meeting her made me love her more!

Now you are no longer in these shows what are you up to?

’m still doing TV work, in fact I start filming again very soon!

We know you are into your health & fitness - Tell us about your journey so far.

I am a bit of a yoyo dieter

I've got a lot to juggle with my work being in London, my family in Brighton, whilst I'm living in Doncaster with my Partner, Jordan, and our puppy Harley.

It makes it hard to really have a routine, but I’ve managed to stay dedicated to a gym session 3 times a week and eating healthy.

What advice would you give to those wanting to achieve a figure like yours?

Keep your goals realistic, there’s nothing worse than giving yourself a goal that’s impossible to achieve. I've done that to myself before and it can be very demotivating.

Always make sure your gym workouts are enjoyable, there’s nothing worse than waking up the next morning without being able to move.

Keep your sessions short, 40 minutes to 1 hour at a high intensity. People think that spending hours in a gym will make a difference - it won’t.

chloe working out

It’s also important to change your eating habits to healthier options that are high in protein. I cut out potatoes, the only carb I have on my plate at dinner is sweet potato.

I only steam my vegetables, frying adds fat and nutrients are lost in the process.

What area of your body do you enjoy working out the most and why?

It has to be my legs and bum, I'm a big fan of squats.

What about cardio are you a fan?

No I don’t like cardio, I find it boring and tedious.

I will jump on the treadmill and do 2 minutes sprints with 1 min off for about 15/20 minutes.

You'll jump off and feel ready to take on the weights! Running for hours at a constant speed won’t burn anywhere near as much as repetitive sprints.

Do you listen to music at the gym? What’s your favourite workout track/artist/album?

I love Tyga and R&B songs they really get me in a zone for the gym.

What motivates you when you don’t want to train or when you want to eat rubbish?

I allow myself a duvet day where I watch movies and eat what I want - I call it a cheat day. It’s important for your body to remember all these bad foods and how to get rid of them so they don’t stick around.

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

Yeah I've grown up with:


What are your biggest achievements?

chloe after

That’s a tough one I've done a lot considering I've just turned 22, it’s impossible to be able to pick

Who is your all time hero?

A lot of people say Kim Kardashian, mine is her mum Kris.

I think she is an extremely clever woman and for her to propel her whole family into major careers. For me I can’t name another woman who’s done what she has, and she looks incredible for her age.

Do you use supplements? If so what do you use?

Yes, I use Forza supplements and of course Muscle Food for my nourishment, which is the most important.

Which three foods could you simply not live without and why?

I know it’s not food but I'm obsessed with green tea, sweet potato and garlic mushrooms at the moment.

What’s more important - hitting the gym or eating right?

Eating right! If you take care of what you put in your body then your body will take care of you.

Are there any foods you hate?

I hate spicy food I have the worst tolerance for it, my eyes will water and everything.

Do you have cheat meals? What would you have?

Yes I love them! My favourite is an Indian take away; I’d usually have a Chicken Korma.

Do you drink alcohol? If so what is your tipple of choice?

Yes I do but I’m not a massive drinker. I love a good southern comfort and coke when I do.

chloe in the gym

What’s your favourite Muscle Food product?

I’m obsessed with the scallops and fillet steaks.

What’s next for you?

As I said earlier I start filming again really soon so I have that coming up next.

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