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Christmas Nutrition: How to feast healthily on the big day

By Jennifer Bulcock

christmas nutrition

The Best Christmas Dinner Ever

1 - Beware of feeders.

I’m sure every family has one. My lovely Great Auntie Gladys who made glorious sweet treats. It seemed to bring her great pleasure witnessing everyone enjoying generous servings, despite only eating a measly portion herself.

 “Ah, go on – just one won’t hurt”

It felt hard to say no.

We shouldn’t have to say no.

But, Is this excessive? Can you afford it? Is it worth the extra calories?

You may not have to be so blunt as to say “no”. Perhaps have a smaller portion, or just a mini taster. But take back control of your own choices from the Christmas feeders.

2 - Know your calories.

Weight gain or weight loss will always boil down to energy in vs energy out. If you know how many calories you can typically eat each day without gaining weight, this will give you a useful starting point to gauge how much you can afford to consume.

Knowing that the chocolate rum truffle’s single mouthful amounts to over 200 calories, may help you decide whether to eat the whole packet or stick to a more reserved serving.

Don’t save up calories to give yourself a binge. When you don’t eat enough to satisfy, your hunger hormones rise, and your tummy starts to rumble.

Then when the ‘green light’ is lit to eat, this can result in an all-out binge, to quickly satisfy the overwhelming sensation of hunger, leading to an overconsumption of energy dense foods, that provide little in the way of nutrition or satiety.

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