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Christmas Nutrition: How to feast healthily on the big day

By Jennifer Bulcock

Christmas Nutrition

3 - Pick Protein

Turkey, chicken, eggs, or animal free versions such as pulses, and tofu etc. Protein is the most satiating nutrient, so the more protein you eat, the fuller you will be. The fuller you are, the less likely you are to binge!

4 – Eat your greens

Skipping your veggies to make room for treats or pudding is daft. In fact, if you’re going to be eating that mince pie with brandy butter no matter what, it may well be better to eat both.

The health benefits of eating your veggies, due to the micronutrients and fibre, will outweigh any small calorie savings by skipping them altogether. Plus, veggies are calorie efficient – meaning you get more volume of food, helping to fill your belly, which may help to prevent overconsumption.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Brussels Sprouts.

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