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Christmas Nutrition: How to feast healthily on the big day

By Jennifer Bulcock

Christmas Nutrition

5 - Go easy on the booze

Alcohol provides zero nutritional benefits. But during the festive period, its becomes quite a regular occurrence. And why not? We should be able to enjoy a few drinks over Christmas.

But what is appropriate and when does it become too much?

Calories in alcohol still count. As the human body cannot store alcohol, (like other nutrients such as protein, carbs and fats), it must burn off the energy from the alcohol first. Meaning you’re more likely to store any other calories you’ve consumed as fat, rather than burn them off.

Booze also lowers our inhibitions, meaning after that second or third glass of mulled wine, one or two rum truffles turns into the whole box. Before we know it, we’ve consumed an extra 500-1000 calories, all because we had a little bit too much alcohol, and went with the motto, “screw it, it’s Christmas!”

6 – Water

Yeah, water is important. We all know this.

But, by drinking a large glass of this magical liquid before we eat, may help reduce the how much we eat overall. Plus, being optimally hydrated will lead to feeling less bloated or sluggish. (And the visit to the porcelain throne will be a smooth experience.)


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