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Christmas Nutrition: How to feast healthily on the big day

By Jennifer Bulcock

Christmas Nutrition

7 - Set a routine to be active

During the dark winter months, it can be difficult to feel motivated to get up early for a workout or even in the dark evenings. This, in part, is what can lead to the depressive feelings many people struggle with during January.

Setting a small window daily to be active and sticking to it will not only help you to burn more calories, but support your mental wellbeing, keeping you feeling positive and energised.

It could be as little as a 15-minute circuit done in the living room. You could even download a free pedometer app and track your steps.

An average daily step count of less than 10,000 a day is considered sedentary. Check your steps and see where your average step count falls. Can you find ways to increase this?

You could make it into a fun family event for the week – whoever get the most steps by the end of each week gets to choose the Sunday afternoon Christmas movie?

Had a little bit of overindulgence? STOP - Put on your shoes and get out for a brisk family walk. It’ll help to burn off the extra calories and support your mindset.

8 -  Have Fun!

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy time with the family. Diet and lifestyle shouldn’t negatively dominate our thoughts. Find the magic in the moments spent with family; the joy of searching for signs of Christmas outdoors, maybe a starlit walk to look for Santa on Christmas eve.

Maybe find a local nature trail and find out how you can help look after winter creatures in your own garden over winter.

Christmas is worth so much more than food.

When it comes to the New year, you may well find you have the drive and determination to look at permanently improving your overall habits and your lifestyle.

From a mindset point of view, this can be a great time to begin lifestyle changes. If you are ready to start this journey, find out more about my Fat Loss Foundation – Habit fix, starting January 2017.

Christmas Nutrition

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