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5 Tips To Fit In A Workout Over Christmas Time

  • You don’t have to abandon your fitness goals now that Christmas time is here…

  • The holiday season chaos does overtake exercise for many of us, but follow these five tips and you can sneak in some workouts over these coming weeks.

1. Save it for the bedroom

Bedroom workout

No – we’re not talking about “that,” although it is good cardio… Instead, when you wake up, work out, get ready, then go.

Sounds easy, right? Well that’s because it is. Google search some quick and intense bodyweight workouts, and do them as soon as you get out of bed. You won’t notice any impact on your festive schedule!

2. Add challenges to your daily life

Daily challenges

No time to head to the gym? Just take your normal daily schedule and add some exercise-based challenges.

That bus you took to work usually? Nope, you take it to the stop before. Lifts are now alien travel devices that you’re too scared to use. And that shopping trolley – pretend they’re all gone and give your guns some good weight training with a basket.

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