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Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

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Spectacular Christmas Dinner:

Serves 8-10 Adults!
• 4-4.5kg Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen
• 20 x 25g Luxury Pigs in Blankets
• 28 x 25g Streaky Bacon Rashers
• 454g Pork Sausage Meat - for Stuffing!
• 16 x 56g Cumberland Chipolatas

Fresh Christmas Veggies!

• 1kg Whole Roasting Potatoes
• 1kg Whole Carrots
• 500g Festive Red Cabbage
• 500g Brussel Sprouts

And These Extras:

• 5 x Christmas Dinner Recipes
• 2 x £5 Muscle Food Gift Vouchers

Delivered Fresh To Your Door:

• Your Choice of Delivery Date
• Christmas Week Delivery Available
• Hand Prepared on Day of Despatch

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WAS £115.15 NOW £45
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21st - 23rd Chilled Delivery:

Our unique packaging is independently tested to keep your super tasty, lean meats at the right temperature for 48 hours. With years of experience and thousands of happy customers we KNOW how to ensure your order gets to you in perfect condition.

Christmas Delivery 21st - 23rd

The before price is based on the RRP price sold for onsite in November 2015. If you purchased all these items separately today you would pay £115.15. This hamper, for loyal customers is discounted to just £45 - the best value Christmas you will ever have!

2015 award winners include Cumberland Sausages
Luxury Large Fresh Christmas Hamper:

4-4.5kg Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen

Winning multiple Great Taste Awards means we know gourmet produce. After 8 months of taste testing, we bring you a Turkey which beats all the major supermarkets on price, and we believe easily on taste!

RRP: £55.00
Minimum Weight: 4kg
Christmas Centre Piece

20 x 25g Luxury Pigs in Blankets

Freshly made using our finest Meaty Pork Chipolatas, and hand rolled with Streaky Bacon. These gourmet Pigs in Blankets were our Christmas best-seller last year - you loved them so much we sold out 6 times!

RRP: £12.00
Overall Weight: 500g
Christmas Essential

28 x 25g Streaky Bacon Rashers

Whether you make more Pigs in Blankets, or simply cover your Turkey for extra flavour - we assure you our gourmet Streaky Bacon will bring smiles to every face this Christmas!

RRP: £8.40
Overall Weight: 700g
Award Winning Supplier

16 x 56g Cumberland Chipolatas

So succulent and flavoursome your taste buds will be dancing after one bite. Wrap in streaky bacon and make more rather gorgeous Pigs in Blankets, or just gobble them by themselves!

RRP: £14.00
Overall Weight: 908g
Award Winning Supplier

454g Pork Sausage Meat - for Stuffing!

What is Christmas dinner without seriously tasty stuffing? Mix with our Luxury Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix and you will have some truly gorgeous stuffing indeed!

RRP: £5.75
Overall Weight: 454g
Award Winning Supplier

1kg Whole Roasting Potatoes

What is Christmas without proper, crispy roasties which are fluffy on the inside? We have done our research and found you the perfect potato, so you have the ultimate roasties this year!

RRP: £4.00
Overall Weight: 2kg
GMO Free

1kg Whole Carrots

Sweet, delicious and absolutely bursting with body boosting nutrients and vitamins. Simply boil or glaze in honey for extra flavour.

RRP: £1.50
Overall Weight: 1kg
GMO Free

500g Brussel Sprouts

Whether you love them or hate them, just like the Queen's speech they are a Christmas must!

RRP: £2.00
Overall Weight: 500g
GMO Free

500g Festive Red Cabbage

The finest quality and already washed, sliced and bagged ready to use - whether you are braising with spices and other extras or just boiling, we want to make your Christmas prep easy this year!

RRP: £2.50
Overall Weight: 500g
GMO Free

2 x £5 Muscle Food Gift Vouchers

As a little Christmas gift from us to you we'll include two £5 Muscle Food vouchers for you to use in the New Year. These vouchers are sent via e-mail and minimum order still applies.

Normal Price: £10.00
Valid in 2016
Delivered via Email


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