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5 Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Body Page 2

2. Low energy and a bad mood

Bad Mood

You’ve all heard of season affective disorder (SAD), right? Well, it’s not a rare condition… Chances are your energy levels and mood are comparatively lower during autumn and winter.

Your body produces more of a chemical called SERT, lowering levels of serotonin – otherwise known as the happy hormone – causing you to feel a bit blasé.

So, what’s the fix to this? You need as much light exposure as possible… Spend more time outside, get a light box for your bedroom, do whatever you need to keep your life illuminated.

3. Nasty colds

Cold and Flu

Another obvious one, and one we’re all contending with as team members cough and sputter all over Musclefood HQ! Colder weather brings about bad colds, and chances are you’re in close contact with others to dramatically increase chances of catching it.

Many people have their own unique way to combat this illness – some of which are food-based – but we have a list of four food and drink items you should definitely AVOID during your time with a cold.

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