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5 Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Body Page 3

4. Weakened hair and nails

Hair and nails

Ever wondered why your fingers and toes are usually the coldest part of your body? It’s not JUST because they’re more exposed than the rest of your body…

When temperatures drop, the small blood vessels in your skin, fingers and toes start to narrow. This reduces the flow of blood and essential nutrients being delivered to these areas, leading to a weakening of hair and nails.

Make sure you cover up, stay warm and run that humidifier to keep your blood flowing normally.

5. Vitamin D deficiency

Dark winter morning

Vitamin D is essential to keep your muscles in peak condition and avoid feeling sleepy – but with the main source of this vitamin being the sun, you best believe you’re not getting enough during autumn and winter.

Not only is the UV Index at a low point during these months, but you’re more likely to stay inside and get little to no sun.

But all is not lost! You can increase your intake of Vitamin D by eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna, or drink fortified milk like our Raw & Natural Camel’s Milk.

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