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6 Common Foods That Could Help Boost Your Workout Benefits

  • We focus on buying foods that specifically look healthy

  • But did you know there are some common foods, probably hiding in your cupboard – that have surprising health benefits after a workout

  • We take a look at seven of these and offer our own protein packed alternatives

food cupboards

You know those common foods lurking in the back of your cupboard for emergency meals? Turns out they might be healthier than you think…

And don’t take this the wrong way – we aren’t arguing against the power of fresh veg and lean meats. But when it comes to post-workout food hunts, sometimes these aren’t always to hand.

So what should you reach for in these moments? Consider these six…

1. Tinned Beans and Pulses

tin of baked beans

Beans may be the musical fruit, but they’re also a great mix of carbs and protein to restore your muscles after a workout.

Easily add extra protein to salads and stews – especially important if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

But! If you’re looking for more, go for our BBQ protein beans or beans with meatballs.

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