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Vital Statistics Start End
Weight 143kg 92kg
Body Fat 29% 10%

On the 14th April 2010, Daniel Wheeler decided that a transformation was needed – a body transformation.

He'd become dissatisfied with his unhealthy lifestyle and body, and so, embarked on a fitness course that would change his life.

Daniel Wheeler - Before & After

He tried to loose the weight through crash diets and fitness fads, but to no avail, and It wasn't until he began listening to his own body and educating himself in the benefits of excellent nutrition that the pounds began to drop.

A year and half after beginning his journey, he'd lost a massive 51kg through healthy eating and a strict exercise regime. Now, he's a highly sought after personal trainer who draws upon his own personal experience to inspire others in achieving their fitness goals.

Daniel Wheeler - Before & After

Interview with Daniel Wheeler

How did you get into fitness?

My journey started on the 14th April 2010. This was a really significant date and time for me because it's when I realised how unfit I was. So, I thought I needed to change. I followed all the crash diets but they inevitably failed and eventually I educated myself in terms of nutrition and exercise. It wasn't long before I hit a sweet spot with my nutrition and that's when I noticed a change. Definition started to appear and I wanted to continue getting fitter. I also wanted to inspire people with my personal story so became a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist!

How long did your transformation take?

From start to finish – 3 years. I went from 143kg to 92kg in a year and a half, which was my biggest weight loss, and that's when I was featured in Men's Fitness but since then I've been striving for definition and adding lean muscle mass.

When did you first really notice your body had changed?

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I noticed it in my clothes, my trousers especially. I was a 46” waist, and these were tight on me! I ripped a pair of jeans one day so went to buy another pair and noticed that the 44” fit me better. This was great encouragement and soon I'd whittled it down to 34”! Although it took around 14 or 15 months before I saw real ab definition.

Why did you decide to go into personal training?

I wanted to help people. I hit a personal low and decided to do something about it then when others started to see the results they began asking me how I achieved it. They were in similar shoes as me, sometimes worse, and I wanted the help them with their first step on the road to fitness as well as inspire them.

90% of your weight loss is down to the right nutrition.

What do you find is the most challenging aspect of your training?

How adaptable the body is! I constantly push myself harder in each session because the body is incredibly efficient at adapting. Week in week out your body works out how it can operate the same functions without burning as many calories. So, to keep on top of it you have to constantly change and adapt your workouts to invoke a transformation.

What's the most enjoyable?

The half hour after training! That feeling of euphoria in unbeatable.

What were the three biggest lessons you learnt whilst getting fit?

  1. There's no quick fix – crash diets don't work.
  2. 90% of your weight loss is down to the right nutrition.
  3. You need a support team.

I lost a lot of friends through my weight loss. Jealousy played a big part in this so you need to surround yourself with people who support your goal. You really find out who your friends are.

john hodgson transformation story


What is your overall end goal?

Personally – it's to look and feel as good as I can and to inspire people to do the same. Professionally – I want to build a good client base and help each person reach his or her personal goals.

What do you think the 3 biggest challenges are for those just starting to get into fitness?

  1. Education – People are bombarded with contradictory advice from the government etc. but what works for one person may not work for another so take the time to find out what works best.
  2. Mind set – you need to have a positive aspiration to keep pushing your limits. Remember, it takes time – there are no quick fixes.
  3. Don't compare yourself to others – use celebs and your fitness idols as inspiration but don't try to copy them. What works for them may not work for you!


Remember, it takes time – there are no quick fixes.

What training advice would you give to those just starting out?

Go slow! If you're a novice and you decide to go out for a 10 mile run straight away, you're going to get injured or you'll loose focus. Instead, take small steps and work up your overall body strength before you move into the more advanced stuff.

What diet advice would you give to novices?

Ignore what you read in magazines and on the government websites. Educate yourself and find out what foods work best for you.

What three foods are essential in helping you maintain your physique?

  1. Lots of protein
  2. Essential fats
  3. Veggies and vitamins.


How important is the recovery period and what would you recommend for a fast and effective recovery?

Recovery is extremely important and for those just starting out, you need as much recovery time as exercise time. Your body needs to be able to repair itself.

A lot of people think you can only get results through supplementation – what's your stance on this?

I’m not a huge fan of your typical “body builders” supplements. I do take some, but certainly don’t class them as essential! Because i train twice a day most days, they do help add that little bit extra to recovery but a lot of them really are just a marketing ploy. 90-95% of being able to achieve a great body is down to diet. The remaining 5% is supplements, but you can get a great 6 pack and achieve brilliant physique through diet alone.

What is your favourite muscle group to work out?

Can I say two? Legs and shoulders – I think these are my best assets and I'm proud of them but I make sure I train my weaker areas too.

Some say you're either a weightlifter or a treadmill bunny – which would you class yourself?

A weightlifter! Cardio has its place, but its certainly not something i do a lot of or advise my clients to do a lot of either. Its one of many hundreds of tools in the fat loss game. Having said that, if i want to go for a 10k run, i'll go for a 10k run - i use cardio more for enjoyment than i do as a tool for fat loss.

Why is that?

In its simplest form, running promotes catabolism whereas weightlifting promotes anabolism. Cardio of any long distance duration is very catabolic, and thus is the last thing we want when looking for fat loss.

What three things should people focus on to ensure they're starting out as they mean to go on?

  1. Nutrition – energy is key, never let yourself go hungry.
  2. Commit to the right training for your goal – training right will prevent demoralisation too.
  3. Focus on form and focus on weights.


What motivates you on those lethargic gym days?

I have a mantra – a series of things I do to keep me going. First, I look at old pictures of myself to show me how far I've come, then I look to my personal figures to see how much I've lost. And, if it's a really bad day, I phone a friend and ask them to come to the gym too!

Focus on nutrition – energy is key, never let yourself go hungry.

What are your three no equipment must do moves that'll keep you fit and build muscle?

  1. Push ups
  2. Squats
  3. Pull ups (does this one count?!)

Any last words of wisdom?

Never give up because change is just around the corner. If I hadn't of started, I would never be where I am today so always be prepared to take the first step to success.

No crash diet. No fads. Just sheer hard work and a determination to achieve the body he always wanted have helped Daniel change his entire life.

And now Daniel wants to help you too. In his words:

"I am preparing to bring to you the most nutritionally advanced lifestyle plan anywhere on the market today. No gimmicks, not crash dieting, no fat burners – just a lifestyle changing plan that will allow you to achieve ANY and ALL of your personal goals – be it fat loss, fitness gains or even muscle gains.

This is not a ‘1 size fits all' plan, this is a 100 reasons to change your life. This is the 100 Day Plan."

Updates on this plan will be available at

Step 1 - Add Lean, Grass Fed Meats To Your Diet

Every transformation story featured on Muscle Food outlines that a good diet and a good workout plan are essential to achieving the results you desire. All transformation stories, exercise routines and diet plans are provided by the customer and have not been checked by a nutritionist or doctor. Results may vary for different individuals.
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