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Danny Brown - Lost 50kg (112lbs)

Danny Brown Transformation Interview

It may be difficult to believe, but a mere three years ago Danny Brown tipped the scales at a massive 25 stone.  He was just 32 at the time.

A van courier by day, he found it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, yet it wasn't until 2015 that Danny decided it was time for a change.

Danny Brown - Lost 50kg (112lbs)

What triggered your transformation?

My wife and I had been trying to conceive for 3 years with no luck. In 2015 we finally decided to see a Doctor for some help. We went for a consultation where we were told they could do all the necessary tests but weight was more than likely a significant factor.

Being 25 stone I could understand how this could be the case and this is where my journey began.  On January 2nd, like thousands of others, we joined a gym. To be honest I really thought I would only last the week…

A friend who had been weightlifting for many years joined me in the gym one evening to take me through some lifting that I could do, from that session I was hooked.

By mid February I had already lost 2 stone and was feeling great. Then the greatest thing happened, after changing our lifestyle to be healthy and active we conceived naturally. This is the power of eating correctly and looking after your body.

What did you do to transform/change?

I train at the gym 3-4 times a week, mainly weightlifting with a bit of cardio thrown in. Also I am generally more active in day-to-day life, not much time spent sitting around.

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How did your diet change?

My diet is so different now. I have cut out anything that isn't beneficial to my goals. I stopped taking on calories from drinks (other than protein shakes) as I view these as empty calories.

I want my calories to contribute to making me feel full and taking on important nutrients.

My diet is high in protein, carefully selected carbohydrates and healthy fats. This is a million miles from endless take out and junk foods and weekends consuming large amounts of alcohol.

What role did Musclefood play in helping you through this time?

Musclefood has really helped during my journey. The main thing is they take out all of the guesswork. You know everything is always going to be of the highest standard, the nutrition information is always spot on and the portions are always very consistent.

Their massive range means you can always change things up, keeping your diet fresh and reduces your chances of becoming bored with what you are eating.

Also being able to get everything in one place is extremely helpful, it's not just the meat that is amazing quality. They also have an excellent range of supplements, snacks, and pretty much everything else needed to succeed.

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Top three MF products?

  • Plain Chicken breasts - could not live without these, a daily constant in my diet.
  • Dragonfire Hache Steak - great flavour, they are so good you actually feel as if you have had something naughty.
  • Any Steak - They are all delicious and very tender, a real treat.

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