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The Diet and Exercise Plan

Transform Your Body
& Life In Just 90 Days
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The Most Complete Fitness &
Food System We Have Ever Seen

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Point 1

Every Meal You Need

Zero preparation required.
We do everything for you, no more food waste – get perfectly portioned meals ready in under 10 minutes.
Clean eating never tasted so good.

Muscle Food products

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks delivered!
You will receive a weekly fresh Muscle Food order and guess what – you can try different clean meals every week!

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Every Workout You Need

Scientifically proven training system.
The Fitness and Diet planner has been designed by a Qualified PT with 9 years experience helping people achieve amazing weight loss results across 4 continents.

Fitness DVD

Stream On Any Device 24/7 or Follow along on DVD
You will receive unlimited access to Do The Unthinkable™ workout programme + free DVDs with your weekly orders.

Point 3

Meet Steve...
Your own personal trainer & nutritionist

"I am there for you - every day. every week. every moment. You will transform your body and life - I will ensure it. I guarantee it."

Fitness on Facebook Live
Live workouts streamed weekly Facebook Live Q & A sessions Support from PT and nutritionist

It worked for Chloe Longstaff...

Chloe Longstaff weight loss result

It worked for James Tilley...

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Donna weight loss result
John weight loss result
Laura weight loss result
Robert weight loss result
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Chloe weight loss result
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You Won’t Be On A Diet

You Will Eat Better Than You Have Ever Done Before.

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The #1 Reason Most People Fail To Achieve Their Goal Is Their Diet

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Most people don't get the nutrition, don't eat enough and find it too time consuming to plan their meals. Until now...

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We deliver every breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack to you every single week.

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There is ZERO food preparation; we do it all for you. Personalised and tailored to you.

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You can choose your menu! Cook from fresh or enjoy one of our clean ready meals.

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You do nothing apart from enjoy great food.

All options require ZERO PREPARATION but you can also decide if you want to cook fresh or have clean ingredient ready meals.

Pizza? Curry? You can enjoy them all on this plan...

Easy Cook™ Satay Beef Stir-Fry

Apple & Cinnamon Porridge

Oriental Chicken Pad Thai

Red Thai Fish Curry & Snap Peas

Persian Lime Chicken

Goats Cheese Diet Pizza

Pulled Pork with BBQ Beans

Easy Cook™ Teriyaki Salmon Stir-Fry

No Matter Your Age, Gender or Starting Level
You Will Achieve Your Goal

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The #2 Reason Most People Fail Is They Overtrain And Don’t Work Out efficiently

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Workout less — but MORE effectively!

Get fit plan

Never be disillusioned again — your own personal trainer

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  Reason #3 reason people fail to achieve their goals is they get confused and disillusioned

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Live workouts Streamed WeeklyFacebook Live Q/A sessionsSupport from a PT 
and Nutritionist

You cheat once on your diet, you miss a workout, you hear some contradictory advice and then stop...

"Not Anymore...
Never Yo Yo Diet Again!"

Unsure about anything. We are there to answer any questions. Every day, every week, every moment...

A better, sustainable lifestyle — Do The Unthinkable™

Dr Joshua Wolrich MBBS:
Junior NHS Doctor

"The constant lack of movement and consuming unhealthy food can lead to severe health implications. Combining structured high intensity workouts, a dedicated easy to consume regime and advice from a qualified Personal Trainer is a healthier and sustainable way to get in shape."

Dr Joshua Wolrich weight loss result
“You will get results without a minute of feeling like you're starving”

Video testimonials from our graduates


Jayne Nisbet:
Professional athlete and author:

Jane Nisbet weight loss result

"The food is just the best part, there is so much variety of meals you can pick, so you will never get bored. Also the option of changing meals weekly for free is amazing"

Monica Petrosino weight loss result

Monica Petrosino:
GB Ice Hockey Team

"Workouts get more and more demanding as you are moving through the 3 phases but they are 100% achievable if you commit to them. PT Steve is a great motivator and you feel like you are in a class in your living room."

"The package is just brilliant, it takes all the hassle from cooking for an hour a day"

Approved by World Class Athletes

  • "Do The Unthinkable™ provides you with absolutely everything you need to start a journey to a healthier lifestyle"Chris Walker - Hebborn
  • "Do The Unthinkable™ is a game changer for everyone with a busy lifestyle"Giarnni Regini - Moran
  • "The combination of HIIT workouts, complete nutrition and advice from a qualified PT guarantees results"Jessica Jane Applegate
Giarnni Regini-Moran
Daniel Keating
Chris Walker-Hebborn
Jessica Jane Applegate

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