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Do The Unthinkable - Is It Good Value?

Written by musclefood


Having tried out our ‘Do the Unthinkable’ complete meal and exercise plan, Christie Day, brand expert at online money-saving platform Savoo takes a closer look at whether it provides good value for money.

The Do the Unthinkable programme has been described as ‘the most complete fitness and food system’ ever seen, so it comes as no surprise that I was super excited to give it a go for a week. For those who don’t know, Do the Unthinkable is musclefood’s ultimate health and wellbeing plan. Including a protein-focused meal plan and scientifically proven workouts bespoke to your goals, the plan promises to transform your body and life in just three months.

It’s clear from the abundance of impressive transformation pictures that this is a plan that works. But does it provide good value for money? Is this a cost-effective way to your dream body? After my exciting week trialling and testing the plan, here are nine reasons why I believe it is:

1. Pay no more than £2 per meal

These healthy pre-prepared ready meals can work out as little as £1.88 per meal depending on how many days per week you want to be on plan. Choose the five, six or seven-day plan to suit your goals and lifestyle and each tasty meal works out as £2 at most.

The complete seven-day option proves the most cost-effective plan. I opted for the five-day programme, which still gave a cracking portion price for my lean, clean meals. Plus, I had more money in my wallet at the end of the week as I didn’t need to splash out on takeaways or supermarket ready meals.

2. High-quality, clean ingredients only

Unlike traditional ready meals, these are packed with protein and made with high quality, responsibly sourced meat and clean ingredients.

With no added water or salt, musclefood’s fresh meat provides more nutrition and natural protein compared to unhealthy alternatives. Not to mention the fact that my prepped meals were tastier and fresher than supermarket alternatives - the beef ragu with tagliatelle and cherry tomatoes was an all-round winner for me. You’d usually pay more for premium cuts at the supermarket, but high-quality ingredients are simply the standard.

3. Tons of exclusive snacks and brands

Ever tried to find tasty, low-calorie snacks in your local supermarket that don’t taste like cardboard? It’s fair to say the selection of high protein treats that actually taste good in supermarkets leaves a lot to be desired, making it harder to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way.

My ‘Do the Unthinkable’ plan included everything from high protein sweet chilli bakes to indulgent chocolatey protein bars from leading nutrition brands like Oatein and Mountain Chips. These health-conscious brands simply can’t be found in leading supermarkets, so I could snack to your heart’s content without feeling guilty. The snacks were genuinely tasty too, leaving no risk of having to chuck it in the bin after just one bite because it tasted of nothing - something I’m sure you’ll have done in the past with other ‘diet’ snacks. Food and money wasted!

4. You can choose individual protein bars and snacks


When trying out new protein treats and healthy snacks, it’s not uncommon to have to commit to buying a huge multipack box from sites like Amazon. If you’re trying new flavours, and the flavour isn’t to your liking, it works out to be a whole lot of money wasted - not to mention leaving you stuck in a rut of going for the same snacks every time because you know you like them.

On this plan, I tried and tested single protein bars and healthy snacks from leading brands like Battle Oats and Grenade. I could be adventurous and try new flavours without worrying about wasting any money.

5. Pre-prepared meals mean zero food or money wasted


We’ve all been there - stocking up on fruit, veg and fresh ingredients on Sunday for the week ahead. ‘This will be the week I get my diet on track’ you tell yourself. But alas, by Wednesday all you’re interested in is a hassle-free ready meal or takeaway. By Friday those limp green beans that never got eaten go straight in the bin.

As part of the ‘Do the Unthinkable’ squad, you won’t have to worry about throwing out food you haven’t eaten or struggling to stay on track with healthy meals and snacks. The pre-prepared meals can be ready in as little as four minutes and are portion-controlled - meaning zero wasted food, money or time! Plus, with absolutely no preparation needed, the meals are ultra convenient meaning you’re more likely to stick to the plan and less likely to spend extra money at the supermarket.

6. You won't be tempted to spend more on extra treats

Walking around the supermarket to do your weekly shop can feel like torture when you’re dieting. With unhealthy snacks and sweet treats tempting you from all directions, it can be all too easy to cave in and spend money on cakes and chocolate. It doesn’t take an expert to work out this isn’t good for your bank balance, or your waistline - especially over a long period of time.

Do the Unthinkable has you covered right up until the last snack, meaning you won’t be tempted to spend extra on unhealthy treats or extra food. Once you’ve chosen your weekly food choices you won’t have to spend another penny on extra food or treats.

7. Every workout you need is included in the plan


Forget splashing out for an expensive personal trainer. Do the Unthinkable comes with unlimited access to bespoke workouts crafted by a qualified personal trainer with over nine years experience. I did the workouts in my living room and didn’t need any equipment - only a cold drink from the fridge for afterwards!

Whether you’re a complete beginner to exercising or are a HIIT heavyweight, these workouts will have you burning fat in no time. Considering an hour with a personal trainer in London can cost anywhere between £50 to £100 and fancy gym memberships can easily rinse you of cash - this complete workout guide (which is chucked in for free) is extremely good value for money.

8. It actually works

There’s nothing worse than spending money on something that doesn’t work - you may as well be throwing your money down the drain. That’s the thing with Do the Unthinkable - it actually works. Besides the fact you’re guaranteed results, the testimonials and impressive transformation pictures speak for themselves.

Check out our review to find out the results from my colleague Izzy’s week-long stint. With PT Steve available to guide, encourage and motivate 24/7, falling short of your goals simply isn’t an option. It’ll be money well spent, guaranteed.



The Do the Unthinkable plan really bucks the trend that dieting is boring, tedious and restrictive. Plus, at such fantastic value, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the unthinkable and smashing your fitness goals - whatever they might be. For more information about how you can get started, answer some quick questions and take the first steps to the ultimate lifestyle transformation.

Check out our current Muscle Food offers to see how you can achieve your fitness goals for less.

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