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Do You Really Need To Clean Off Gym Equipment?

Do You Really Need To Clean Off Gym Equipment?

Here’s a scenario for you… You’ve just walked into the gym and up to your favourite bench. You grab a set of dumbbells and proceed with your workout without paying too much attention to the bench beneath you.

48 hours later, you’re doubled over the loo with less than palatable events taking place in your gut and you wonder how, or why, you got sick.

Was it that chicken you ate for dinner? Did you take a reaction to something?

Answer – probably neither. You most likely picked up a ghastly bug from that bench you paid no attention to. Yes. Really.

Now, question – how many times have you cleaned your gym equipment with the disinfectant provided after use?

There’s no shame or judgment here – the likelihood is pretty slim but you really ought to make it part of your routine.

In fact, ask most fitness professionals and they’ll tell you it’s their Golden Rule and here’s why…

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