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Pros And Cons Of A Post-Workout Pint – Does Beer HELP Or HINDER Recovery?

Is it OK to have a beer after exercising? Scientists have been working hard on this question, and it’s a MINEFIELD of pros and cons!

  • Research shows a post workout pint has some surprising benefits
  • Beer "surprisingly similar" to sports drinks in providing electrolytes
  • HOWEVER, beer makes you become dehydrated quicker
  • Beer also increases the risk of muscle damage during workout
  • Luckily, we have a non-alcoholic alternative - the Post Workout Isotonic Beer

Post Workout Pint

According to an article by Dr. Philip J Atherton and Matthew Brook from the University of Nottingham, a pint of beer after your exercise has some surprising benefits…


“Beer can in fact be remarkably similar to many sports drinks.” I read this sentence from the article with a sense of confusion and liberation. Surely this is not true? But if it is, I’m off to the local boozer after every class!

It turns out there is some truth to this. Prolonged exercise depletes the body’s liver and muscle glycogen (sugar) stores, which leads to fatigue and eventually hitting the wall… To combat this, many hard-core exercisers often munch on high carb diets.

Group of people drinking beer

Alongside this, exercising makes the body lose water and electrolytes through sweating – especially so in high temperatures. It is massively important to restore all of these levels, which urges people to pick up sports drinks like Lucozade, containing electrolytes and the required carbohydrates for energy stores.

Despite there being less sodium in a beer, your average pint is in fact “remarkably similar to many sports drinks.” So in this respect, we’re onto a winner!

But STOP RIGHT THERE before you reach for the wallet and head to the local Spoons… There are some cons.


As you probably know from the classic saying “broke the seal,” booze tends to make you pee more, so the rehydration part of that is pretty short lived! AND it could increase the risk of damage to your muscles.

Using running as an example, this is an exercise that could be damaging to muscles, bones and tendons. Shock waves are sent up through your legs as they hit the ground, making you prone to injury.

So the question is simple – does alcohol reduce or increase this proneness to injury… I’m afraid it’s bad news. Research suggests that alcohol may increase the risk of injury through negatively impacting recovery.

Workout Injury

Studies also show booze consumption negatively affects the way your body removes damaged proteins in muscle and replaces with new ones. Excessive consumption may also decrease the amount of anabolic hormones, such as testosterone – meaning your body will not build up as much muscle with exercise.

Also, damaging effects of alcohol on the liver are well documented… But beyond this, it impairs the organ’s ability to store glucose and release – further harming your optimal exercise performance and recovery.


We’ve all heard the stories – from working out just before getting smashed on a night out to look better in the clubs, to bodybuilders pumping up and having a glass of white wine before going on stage to dehydrate and lose the water weight.

What is abundantly clear with the minefield of pros and cons in front of us, is that excessive alcohol consumption after working out is NOT good for your body’s recovery.

As they say: “having one or two pints of beer after exercise is likely to have little effect on responses to exercise.”

Enjoy in moderation.


Well, I’m glad you asked! If you LOVE the taste of beer, we’ve got just the thing. Our Post Workout Isotonic Beer has the same deliciously hoppy taste of any beautiful booze, but comes without the alcohol and packs in all your essential nutrients to aid with recovery.


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