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Does Fasting 12 Hours A Night Help You Lose Weight?

  • New research has proven fasting can help you lose weight.
  • But is it the weight loss wonder we’ve all been waiting for?
  • We take a look at the pros and cons.
Does Fasting 12 Hours A Night Help You Lose Weight?

We all know it takes more than swapping burgers for salads to lose weight.

There’s overall diet to think about, exercise and generally taking better care of you.  But, if those last remaining few pounds just refuse to budge then you’ll be glad to know that new research may have come up with the answer.

Intermittent Fasting.

This term has been about the fitness industry for quite a while, but it was mainly based on theory.

Now though, it’s actually been proven to work.

Stalk Institute researchers carefully monitored nearly 400 mice, feeding them a variety of high fat and high sugar diets over the course of 9, 12 and 15 hour periods.

All of the mice ate exactly the same number of calories but the results were vastly different, with the mice on the 15-hour time frame gaining more weight than those on the 9-hour regime.

It appeared to show that fasting for a larger portion of the day had a direct impact on how those calories were stored and burned.

The study even showed that eating in this manner might help prevent diabetes and high cholesterol.

Even more miraculous was that when the researchers noticed the positive impact longer periods of IF was having on the mice, they switched the fatter 15 hour mice to the 9hour programme and…

Yep, they shed an average of 5% body fat in just a few days.  By the end of the 38-week study, these porkers had cut their overall body weight by 25%.

Granted, this study was conducted on mice – not humans – but the results do suggest that if a human made the same lifestyle choice and decided to fast 12 hours a day, they too would see that weight melt away.

It seems the positives of IF are pretty convincing, right?  Eat during a specific time frame, fast the rest of the time and lose weight.

But, is all what it really seems?  We investigate…

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