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Does ONE end result mean there is only ONE way to get there?

By Charlotte McGaun

  • So, you’re working on your New Year’s Resolution to get fit and healthy. But, did you know there’s not one single answer to achieve this?
  • That’s right, no matter what PTs tell you, the solution is unique to every human being.
  • Charlotte McGaun takes to her soapbox, calling out the health & fitness industry for this self-destroying behaviour.
One End Result

Humanity – so many of us preach and define our race as people who help support, push and build each other, whilst striving to be the best version of ourselves... But is this true? Everyone is unique, every day hurdles appear, paths change, directions turn…

Just like the end goal when trying to ride a bike, but to ride it successfully is varied depending on whom is learning. So why do fitness professionals believe there is only 1 way for clients to get results?

Why is it, an industry which advertises success, results, body confidence, solution driven motivation, is self-destroying?  Let’s find out…

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