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Does ONE end result mean there is only ONE way to get there?

By Charlotte McGaun

One End Result

So you call yourself a fitness professional?

Guidelines I have studied from never stated there was just one way for our clients to get results; in fact, the fitness and nutrition industry is all about a PERSONALISED service! We work to our clients, NOT our clients work to us.

It saddens me there are many professionals in this industry who are so quick to make sly comments about how other professional’s help their clients achieve the same goal as you! In fact, we should be unifying and working as one, congratulating one another for contributing to your community – making a fit and healthier environment.

If your client wants to use supplements and do cardio, let them! If they want to do clean eating and weights, let them! If they want to try out what a magazine advertises, or the latest trend, let them! You are there to help support, educate and monitor; not to tear down a way which is motivating them to start a healthy active lifestyle.

*Of course, if they are living off extreme minimal and you can see decline, it’s a different matter. I am talking general when people are happy and feeling great the way they are doing it*

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