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Does ONE end result mean there is only ONE way to get there?

By Charlotte McGaun

One End Result

The Fix

Now I am not saying stand in the corner with your pre-prep meal of broccoli (humour me) and keep your mouth shut; because opinions matter and are welcome. However, there is a fine line between sharing an opinion and de-motivating your clients when they are getting themselves started.

We have so much power in our voice, we are role models… So, what I am saying is, redirect your energy from demotivating clients and trying to bring down other professionals’ businesses.

Instead, invest this energy sharing our ways of sport, nutrition education and teaching, and together aiming to lower the negative over weight & obesity growth our country faces.

If you have wanted to get started in a healthy active lifestyle, but unsure which personal trainer to go with, or which gym to join, or which supplement company to pick from, or even unsure which professional to turn to for advice because they all post up opposite views on social media… do not worry.

Just look in the mirror and realise it is YOU who has the control to become whoever you want to be. You are amazing, you are strong, you are powerful, and you are in control. Have a goal, but do not worry about pathway; like mentioned above, directions turn, trial and error is part of the process of learning - find the personalised path for you!

I, Charlotte McGaun, created Image Geek to deliver PERSONALISED services worldwide. Based in North East, UK, have clients UK and international. PLEASE get in touch if you want help/advice/support … Image Geek – Changing lives and improving mind-set.

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