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Does Sex Really Count as Exercise?

  • During sex your body works at an elevated rate similar to when you exercise.
  • Heart and respiratory rate is increased and blood pressure is raised.
  • You can burn up to 100 calories in a 30-minute session between the sheets!
Does Sex Really Count as Exercise?


Sex and exercise. The two are surprising bed fellows!

You see, research shows regular gym sessions can lead to more hot and steamy trsyts between the sheets as active individuals are more easily aroused and can reach the big "O" faster than their sedentary peers.

Then there’s the physiological pluses…

Having a strong bod and heart ups the possibility of an adventurous tousle with different positions and longer sessions.

We could go on, but you get the picture, sex and exercise are two peas in a pod, but can that 30-minute romp count towards your daily exercise goals? We decided to investigate…

Sex = Cardio?

Sex = Cardio?


Landmark studies from the 1960’s (William Masters and Virginia Johnson) concluded that sex can lead to a multitude of physiological responses including increased heart rate, elevated respiratory rate and heightened blood pressure.

Your body goes through similar changes when exercising and more recent studies suggest that 30 minutes of sex can elicit moderate levels of physical stress - up to 75% of maximal exercise.

Granted, this level of stress is intermittent, but overall it’s believed that one session of sexual activity promotes the same response as a brisk walk - how about that for your LISS cardio?!

And if you’re really into it, you may even get something akin to tabata style training out of it, but we recommend you concentrate on your partner rather than trying to get your heart rate through the roof…

Sex & Strength

You certainly use a LOT of muscles during sex, but your nookie style ultimately determines which muscles you use and to what extent.

Core, arms, legs, glutes, back, pelvic floor… they all get a shout out, but strength training is about using your muscles to their full potential through a vast range of motion against resistance.

So, while you may feel a deep burn, it doesn’t mean sexy time will make you stronger or get you cut.

Let’s count calories!

This is what it all comes down to folks – will your fun fornication help you burn through those calories?

The answer is a resounding YES!

30 minutes of sexual activity can burn off 50 to 100 calories and although it may not seem like much compared to your 30-minute treadmill session, it is a lot more pleasurable.

Just like any other good ol’ cardio session, you get out what you put in, so if you're… vigorous between the sheets, the more calories you'll use, but your weight, position and duration can also impact this.

So, if you're a girl on top doing most of the work then you'll burn more than your partner below and vice versa.

Of course, if you don’t fancy getting frisky, you could always do the following to get through the same amount of calories (based on 150lb woman):

  • Bike for 23 minutes
  • Row for 13 minutes
  • Run up stairs for 6 minutes
  • Zumba for 11 minutes
  • Walk for 20 minutes
  • Vigorously lift weights for 15 minutes

But seriously? Which would you rather?

The Nitty-Gritty…

Sex as Exercise


Does sex really count as exercise?

The answer is yes… and no!

In truth, it all depends on how active you are normally and what you define as exercise.

Based purely on scientific results - getting your heart racing, leave you gasping for breath and stoking the fires of your metabolism to burn through calories - then yes, sex is exercise.

But if you believe exercise should alter your body for the better and in the long term - then no.

Why? Quite simply, no matter how adventurous your steamy sessions may be, they won’t last long enough or occur frequently enough for them to change your body.

You’d be far better off working up a sweat in the gym with your partner first, then going home and enjoying the benefits.


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