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Duncan Ogilvie

Vital Statistics The Very Start Before Current
Height 5ft 11in (1.80m) - -
Weight 18st 2lb 12st 9lb 10st 5lb
Body Fat 39.8% 15.2% 4.1%

Weighing in at a super lean 67kg with 4.1% body-fat, it’s hard to believe that 19-year-old Duncan Ogilvie used to be known to his peers as Fat Dunc.

Yet if you were to rewind the clock back just three short years, you’d see a very different Duncan to the one who stands before you today.

Back then, at just 16-years-of-age, Duncan weighed an obese 116kg, loved nothing more than chilling out at the end of a tough school day gaming on his Xbox and eating his “special sandwich” of bacon, fried eggs, hash browns and fried toast with as much mayo and BBQ sauce he could fit in.

Yet while he was known as the confident rugby player who didn’t care about his weight, he was actually extremely self-conscious, so much so he wouldn’t wear a polo for fear of how it would look.

Duncan - Before & After

Just how much of an impact his couch potato lifestyle was having on his body became apparent when the time came for him to begin 6th form college and he could even squeeze his 18 stone bulk into size XXL shirts.

Instead of moping and feeling sorry for himself, though, Duncan decided to do something about it overhauling his diet and training like an absolute beast!

He quickly saw the effects of his new outlook on health and fitness stripping away a massive 30kg of fat to a healthy 86kg, a result Duncan was ecstatic with, but, he didn’t want to just look fit and healthy, he wanted to look like his idols.

So he got in touch with Tom Mayne and asked him for tips and tricks of how to get that cover model look.

12 weeks later, and Duncan is not just lean – but shredded to boot… read on to find out how he finally achieved his goal…

Duncan Grey image

Training Plan

  • Mon.

    Monday (am): Chest

    • 3 x seated/laying machine bench press 8-12 reps
    • 3 x smith machine incline press 8-12 rep
    • 3 x press ups 8-12 reps & 3 x flat DB flies 8-12 reps (super set)
    • 3 x machine assisted triceps dips 8-12 reps & 3 x cable triceps push down 8-12 reps (super set)
  • Tue.

    Tuesday: Back and Biceps

    • 3 x machine assisted wide grip pull ups 8-12 reps
    • 3 x machine rows 8-12 reps
    • 3 x close grip cable pull downs 8-12 reps & 3 x cable lat sweeps 8-12 reps (super set)
    • 3 x DB bicep curls 8-12 reps (60 seconds between sets)
  • Wed.

    Wednesday (am): Shoulders

    • 3 x seated DB overhead press 8-12 reps
    • 3 x DB front raises 8-12 reps
    • 3 x DB lateral raises 8-12 reps
    • 3 x reverse machine flies 8-12 reps
    • 3 x kettlebell shrugs 8-12 reps
  • Thu.

    Thursday: Legs

    • 3 x deadlift 8-12 reps
    • 3 x hack squat 8-12 reps
    • 3 x leg extension 8-12 reps
    • 3 x hamstring curl 8-12 reps
    • 3 x seated calf raise 8-12 reps
  • Fri.

    Friday: Rest

  • Sat.

    Saturday: Rest

  • Sun.

    Sunday: Rest

Meal Plan

Interview with Duncan Ogilvie

Hi Duncan, thank you for taking the time to chat with us - let's start with an easy one, where are you from, what's your day job and what age are you?

Hi my name is Duncan Ogilvie I am from Exeter Devon, I am 19 years old and I work at EDF energy in the office.

Great, thanks - getting to the nitty gritty now, care to share what your lifestyle was like before your transformation?

My lifestyle before I decided to train was very different.

When I was 16 I used to go to school eat flapjacks for break, wait until lunch have a panini and chips then when I got home it used to be straight on the Xbox with a can of energy drink and my “special sandwich” this used to be a sub role with; bacon, fried eggs, hash browns and fried toast with as much mayo and BBQ sauce I could fit into it.

This used to be my day to day routine as well as training for rugby 2x a week and going to the local gym on a Monday.

Duncan before and after

What was your wakeup call?

It all started when I finished school, in school I didn’t really care about my weight. I used to be called “Fat Dunc” and I wasn’t bothered by it.

This was because it’s all I knew, I didn’t know any different apart from being overweight, although I say I didn’t care I was very self-conscious I used to wear jumpers all the time, never would wear a polo as I was always conscious of how I looked!

When I left school and joined a 6th form college and went into town one day to get clothes for my new start, I specifically remembered going into Super Dry and picking a selection of t-shirts and shirts, all of which didn’t fit.

This was my wakeup call and this was when I knew change needed to be made, I didn’t want to be called “Fat Dunc” anymore.

So, how exactly did you kick off your transformation?

My whole body transformation consisted of 2 phases. The first phase started around a week after I went into that Super Dry store and realised enough was enough. Luckily I had also been accepted into the Bicton Rugby Academy which was affiliated with the Exeter Chiefs; this was the kick start to my transformation.

Throughout the summer I would go to Bicton and would stay there each week for 2/3 days doing pre-season rugby training, this involved a lot of rugby but mostly conditioning, we had a marine PT called Triston Lark.

Every session we had with him was the worst thing I had ever done at the time but the best thing after; he built into me that failure was never an option and to never give up.

I used to run and run and run until I was physically sick and then get back up and run again and if I didn’t, Lark would make it known that I had failed and punish accordingly normally by making me run again.

This lasted throughout the summer and into my first year of 6th form and by this point I had lost around 3 stone. And I was happy!

I was no longer the big Fat Dunc, at this point I weighed around the 15 stone mark I was still over weight but I wasn’t obese and to be fair I was actually quite physically fit.

This continued on again for another year where I had then joined a gym and was going around 3 times a week on top of my rugby training and another year in and I had got myself down to around 86kg mark.

And I was super happy with this!!!

Duncan at the start

By the time I was 18 I had stopped the Bicton rugby but still continued to play at my local rugby club and I was still keeping at the 86kg mark and happy with my weight, so I upped the amount of times I went to the gym and started to be more conscious of the things I was eating.

For example, cutting the amount of carbs in my diet and cutting out fast foods, but by no means was I being ultra-strict on my diet just not eating the crap I used to. When I hit 19 I was at 82kg and then this was where my 2nd phase started 12 weeks ago, this was the big changing point in my life.

I decided I had done extremely well with my weight but I now wanted to be the guy with the body people would talk about. So I approached Tom Mayne and asked him if he would help me with one of his regarded training programmes… which he did.

From that day onwards I have never looked back and all I wanted to do was to achieve my goal!

Did you have any setbacks? If so, how did you overcome these?

In the whole period of the 3 years It took me to lose my weight yes I had setbacks… lots of setbacks! I would go back to my old ways for a couple of days or even weeks but then I would look at myself and punish myself and think, “look how far I have come is it really worth going back to how I was.”

This happened all the time but I would always in the end pull myself together and think of the journey I have been through and want to finish that journey. When I started my 12 week training programme I had no setbacks, before I started it I made sure I was in the correct frame of mind and made sure that under no circumstances would I fail and that’s what I did!

I put a picture of the old me on my phone and then I put a picture of the body I wanted to finish with on my phone as well, and this really helped! Every time I would go to snack or go to eat the wrong foods or have too much of a certain food I would look at those pictures and say to myself is it really worth it!

And then go to the gym and smash 15 mins of interval training to punish myself haha!!

What has been the biggest thing you've learned about yourself during this time?

The biggest thing I have learned in this 3 year period but especially this last 12 weeks is there are no shortcuts… it’s up to you to put the work in and if you put the work in you will get the results there is no magic pill that will do this for you, the only person you will be cheating is yourself unfortunately!

If you eat the wrong foods it’s not going to affect anyone else but yourself, if you don’t train it’s not going to affect anyone else but yourself, if you try and cut corners here and there the only person once again your cheating is yourself.

Favourite motivational quote...

The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.

You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! --- Rocky Balboa

You've shed an incredible 8 stone - how long did it take for you to achieve this?

It took me a total of just less than 3 years to achieve this with flexible dieting then it took me 12 week to shred down from around 83kg to 67kg.

Weights or cardio? And what's your favourite move/form of each?

Weight all day for me. I love doing weights, I love the burn you get during a session and the ability to see yourself improve and get stronger as time goes on, and not only get stronger but to see your muscles get more defined and bigger.

My favourite weight sesh has to be the classic Monday chest and bicep day.

Cardio wise with me it’s all or nothing, usually I do 15 minutes of interval training until I am dripping with sweat and can no longer move.

Duncan Body

How has your training changed since you slashed your body fat?

Since I went on my 12 week training programme to slash my body fat I changed the reps and sets I was doing and just increased the cardio. I would typically before do 8-12 reps with 5 sets.

With my 12 week training programme I would do 12 reps but 3 sets with less rest involved and I would involve super sets as well. I also started doing 15 mins of cardio in the morning as well as my 15 mins in the evening after my weights session and then towards the end of my transformation I upped it to 30 mins in my evening session.

How do you resist temptation?

This is a simple one for me, and very effective… I just think of my end goal, I think to myself is it really necessary to eat what I’m about to eat, is it worth that couple minutes joy for the hard work I have put in at the gym, is that extra few calories really worth it?

And if that doesn’t work I would think back to myself and think where I have come from and remember my end goal.

What role did Muscle Food play in helping you achieve the physique you have today?

Muscle Food had a huge impact on the way I would eat. I was browsing through twitter one day when I come across Muscle Food UK and since I have never gone back. The value for money is incredible and the actual products themselves are outstanding!

Before my 12 week plan where my diet was a bit more flexible I loved trying all the different things out, the protein pizzas for a cheat meal for example where great. And all the different type of protein spreads they have is great, just the wide range of products is awesome and there is so much to choose from.

Whole Foods

When I started my 12 week programme it was great as it meant I could order great tasting chicken and steak for good value money, but not only that I could buy the egg whites from there as well! It literally has everything I need.

And now I have finished my 12 week training programme I can’t wait to try all the new products I have missed out on! Especially the Chocolate Orange Prutella this is going to be great in my overnight oats I like to make. And I am very excited to try out the new Cauli-Rice, I’m planning to experiment with making a pizza base out of it!

What's your life like now that you've gone through a transformation?

I feel much more confident about my body; I’ll happily take my shirt off now if you ask me (ha ha).

You've obviously worked really hard at reducing your body fat - but what's next for you?

This is just the beginning. I have to keep it up. I will only be successful if I maintain where I am or improve.

Supplements - yay or nay?

It all depending with supplements like I stated earlier there are no shortcuts in training and a lot of people do fall into the belief that supplements are a miracle… they’re not.

It’s in the name, a supplement is something that supplements your diet and training programme, if you have that in place then yes I think that certain supplements have their benefits, but if the diet and training aren’t put in place then supplements are pointless and a waste of money!

A body like yours takes a LOT of dedication and perseverance - how do you maintain your motivation?

It is hard to stay motivated and to stay so motivated when you are on a 12 week training programme is very, very tough!

There were a few things that kept me motivated, first one was obviously where I had come from, the size I used to be and where I was now, the second thing was the mirror, looking into the mirror and seeing visible changes to your body defiantly helps!

Duncan After Transformation

Thirdly, Tom (my trainer) was there every single step of the way motivating me and keeping me going when times were getting a little tough.

And finally and the best of all was just my end goal! I had it set in my head what I wanted to look like and what I wanted to achieve so this just pushed me every single step of the way 100%.

What did you find to be the most challenging aspect of your transformation?

Well like I have said previously my transformation was kind of 2 parts the 1st part was the slow but steady weight drop down to eventually 83kg and the most challenging part of that was to maintain the weight and not to go off the rails and maintain a good level of training, and if I did go off the rails for me to jump straight back on them again and keep progressing.

The second part to my transformation was the 12 weeks and by far the most challenging part of this was the diet, having the same food every day of the week at the correct time and having the correct weight was a killer!

Which do you think had the biggest impact on your physique and health - diet or exercise?

The biggest impact on my physique and health is 100% my diet! Diet is so important, if you eat the correct food you’re always going to do well, if you stay within your daily calorie intake and hit the correct macros then this is going to hugely impact your success.

If you trained every day in the gym and had the wrong diet then you would never get anywhere. This is why Muscle Food UK is so important to me as there is such a wide verity of food to choose from you can never get bored!

And also lots of little secret tips and tricks such as their flavour drops which have next to zero calories but flavour things such as natural yogurts or porridge amazing. Saying all this, working out correctly is obviously very important also, but in my eyes diet is a clear winner.

Top 3 tips for aspiring transformers…

  1. Have a goal you want to achieve whether this be a target weight or a target body fat it doesn’t matter just make sure you have a goal you want to achieve as this will be the foundations of your motivation.
  2. Make sure you get the correct diet and training programme in place before you start, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and what macros you need to be hitting.
  3. And finally make sure you are in the correct frame of mind… don’t go into it half-heartedly! All or nothing and you will always come out on top if you want it enough.

Throughout your journey, who has been your greatest inspiration?

Throughout my journey I had lots of inspirations! I never had one set person who used to inspire me the most. In the first part of my transformation I just used to get inspired by overweight people running down the street or in the gym trying there damn hardest, that actually inspired me a lot because knowing they can do it meant I could do it as well!

Duncan's Body Inspiration

And then during the 2nd phase of my transformation (12 week plan) I had lots of inspirations more of inspirations of peoples actual physics more than anything so for example Zyzz Body or even my trainer’s body! I wanted to be just like them.

How did your transformation impact your friends and family?

The first part of my transformation affected my friends and family a lot but in a positive way! This was because my family especially my parents where happy that I was losing weight and it meant that I was more comfortable going out and socialising with my friends as I wasn’t constantly worrying about my weight.

The 2nd phase of my transformation was a little different; this affected my social life as I dedicated my whole like for 12 weeks to training and eating the right foods.

This meant I couldn’t go out with my friends to places to eat or go out on night outs and it also meant I wasn’t eating at the same times as my family and generally was just a lot less sociable for this 12 week period.

But this was something that had to happen for 12 weeks for me to succeed.

What's next for you?

Next for me is to maintain my body weight now and especially over the Christmas period!

I’m not going to go on any mental diets or training programmes until after the Christmas period is over, I’m just going to eat a balanced diet and train well and then after Xmas I’m thinking of doing a 12 week bulking plan.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Finally I’d just like to say if you’re thinking about making a change in your life do it because it will benefit you hugely and transform your whole entire life.

I’d say get in the correct frame of mind. Eat the correct foods and then set short term goals and have 1 long time goal and then go for it and achieve it! And most importantly like I have said before, there are no shortcuts and the only person you will be cheating is yourself.

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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