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emma raven

Vital Statistics Before Current
Height 5 feet 6 -
Age 42  
Weight 93.3kg 72kg
Waist 38in 30in
Hips 45in 36in

Fighting through the pain of three knee operations, Emma worked hard to lose nearly 20kg in an incredible transformation!

It all started in November 2015, when the fed up, miserable feeling of being overweight and unfit really kicked into overdrive. She was looking for options, but like many of us, she didn’t know where to start!

That’s when her friend introduced her to Callum, who sounds like an AWESOME PT – helping her through every step of the way including self-confidence and motivation.

And with a little bit of commitment, she worked hard and everything has changed in her life. With a vastly improved social life through work and fitness, she’s never looked back!

Emma Raven image

Meal Plan

My current meal plan typically would be porridge oats for breakfast with a muscle food protein shake, a healthy snack mid-morning sometimes a protein cookie peanut is my fav!

Lunch - a chicken breast with spinach rocket salad sweet potato or rice, I have a love for nut spreads as an afternoon snack.

Evening meal - Salmon is one of my favourites lots of veg or salad with rice or sweet potato and the odd glass of wine to wash it down! And if I fancied something else then as long as it's within my calorie goal I would have a biscuit.

Interview with Emma Raven

Hi Emma! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and congratulations on making it to a year on your fitness journey. Can you tell us the full story of your transformation up to now?

I started my transformation 1st November 2015 after feeling fed up with being overweight, unfit and miserable. It was also my dad’s anniversary who sadly passed away from heart disease at a young age.

emma raven

I'd had 3 knee operations and struggled with exercise until a friend of mine introduced me to Callum pretty way back in the summer but I wasn't ready to change. Walking into the gym that day was the hardest part of my journey - my self-confidence was really being challenged as Callum was asking me my reasons for changing and what I wanted to achieve.

Once we measured and weighed me, I just wanted to run out and that's before we did any exercise! I was the heaviest I've ever been (I weighed less at the end of full term pregnancy).

I felt really humiliated that I'd reached this point. we started with strength training and some cardio, it was so hard I was out of breath sweating profusely and felt silly, I was sure everyone was looking at me. I couldn't wait for the hour to be over!

What on earth was I thinking? I can't do this, what am I going in the gym to hell with this painful knee? But I knew if I could shift some weight it would take the pressure off my knee and I'd start to feel better.

Now let’s move onto the food part of this interview. What was the thinking behind building your meal plan?

The exercise was so hard to start with but the food plan was easy as it's flexible I've never completely cut anything out of my diet apart from Pepsi max which I was addicted to!

I still don't drink it a year later!

I needed a food plan that I could control and fitted in with my busy life style as you can see from my photos I go out a lot.

I never set myself a target weight just Bite size goals each month and to my surprise I met them every time... I was starting to believe I could do this. I was getting stronger and fitter. We even had a 2wk holiday in Asia, and I still lost weight!

emma raven

How far ahead of time do you meal prep? And how do you keep yourself motivated to do so?

I try and plan my meals weekly and I love cooking I usually make enough to freeze for another day.

Now for your workout – tell me a bit about how Callum sorts your workouts for you!

In April 2016 I reached a sensible weight that I'm currently maintaining - I train weights 3 times per week and cardio 2-3 depending on my days off. Callum changes my B-programmes regularly to keep me motivated

Do you have a favourite exercise?

My favourite exercise is the "dead lift." I'm up to 100kg - never thought I could do that, but I love it… Hoping I can lift more actually!

And one you loathe doing?

I don't really loathe any exercise, but leg day is still hard. I can now squat 95kg - something I never thought I would achieve!

Have you ever fell of the wagon? And how did you keep yourself motivated to get back on?

I don't feel I've ever fallen off the wagon, because of the flexible and healthy approach I’ve taken to the balance of social life, work and fitness.

emma raven

Quick fire! Favourite music to work out to?

My favourite music to work out to is usually a playlist from Spotify dance music - something that makes me want to work harder!

Favourite movie?

My favourite movie has to be a chick flick - "Dirty Dancing." I recently watched " Bridge of spies" too, which is amazing!

Last two questions – what are your plans for 2017, and do you have a resolution?

My plans for 2017 are to continue my fitness journey, concentrate on muscular development and increase strength.

And do you have any inspiring words for the thousands of Muscle Foodies who read this?

If any of you muscle foodies are reading this, I hope you get some inspiration from an everyday girl that wanted to get heathy fit and happy.

Believe me when I say it never gets easier, you just get better!

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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