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Go Back To School In This New Gym – Which SUSPENDS You If You Don’t Lose Weight

  • A new gym that opens in London this month plans to take you back to school

  • This educational gym, named Fe (for ‘iron’ on the periodic table) will even hand out school suspensions if you don’t lose weight

  • Is this no-prisoners approach right? Should people be punished if they don’t hit their weight loss goals?

  • Take the poll below and let us know!

School Gym suspension

This new London Gym plans to take you back to school – hitting you with suspensions if weight loss goals aren’t met!

When it comes to transforming your body, we all fall off the wagon sometimes – be it due to stress or any other reason. Normally, when we miss a weight loss goal, we pick ourselves up and get right back on it.

That’s not what new London Gym Fe Fitness does… Instead, they will slap you with a suspension just like when you were back in school!

FE Gym Headteacher Justin

‘Headteacher’ Justin Maguire answers the simple question – why? Does this take-no-prisoners approach really work to motivate people?

“Working in fitness has taught me a lot on the shortcomings most people face in sustaining an active lifestyle,” he commented.

He explains that even though a lot of other commitments can overwhelm people to the point of not sustaining an active lifestyle, there is a way to make fitness ‘fit’ into the demands of an every-changing lifestyle.

This shouldn’t be used as a crutch, and those that do so will see “a suspension of their membership – which will encourage them to stay on track.”

To work your way back in, Justin says it simply takes two weeks of proving you can manage all aspects of commitment.

On one side, this is a great way of urging people to stay on track. But, in a gym that claims to let people “handle stress,” a threat of suspension is really not going to help with that.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the poll and drop a comment below!

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