British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

Free 4x6-7oz Extra Matured British Sirloin Steaks

Free British Sirloin Steaks

More intense, buttery flavour and SO tender, they melt on your tongue! These are our British Sirloins you know and love, but EVEN BETTER…

  • FREE RANGE, Grass Fed and British
  • Matured for 49 days for EXTRA flavour
  • Classically, hand cut FRESH to order

This offer is only available for 250 customers - we have matured just 1,000 steaks for this offer, so once sold out they will not be back.

Indulge with these stunning, Extra Matured British Sirloin Steaks… FREE when you buy 5kg Premium Chicken Breasts for just £25!

Simply click add to basket and enter code: FREESIRLOINS at checkout to claim.

10 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rumps****DELISTED****

10 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rumps

Beautifully sweet in taste and buttery in texture, they simply melt in your mouth! Each steak contains 36.7g protein and only 8g fat - an unbeatable 4.3g saturated fat each.

Was: £45.00 - Save: £21.00 Now Just £24.00

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Extra Lean Free Range Steak Mince  - 5 x 400g

5 x 400g Extra Lean Mince

From Free Range, Hormone Free, British steak trimmings and minced FRESH to order - our British Beef Mince is without comparison!

Was: £22.59 - Save: £7.59 Now Just £15.00

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Very Low Fat Pork Sausages - 400g x 3

3 x 400g Low Fat Sausages

LESS than 2g fat per sausage, a tasty 9g protein and just 70 calories - you can finally enjoy a deliciously porky sausage without ruining your macros!

Was: £10.00 - Save: £1.00 Now Just £9.00

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