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5 Mistakes The Muscle Food Team Made During Freshers’ Week

  • With Fresher’s Week just around the corner, it’s going to be tricky to stay healthy!
  • Many of us here at Muscle Food HQ went to university, and made some risky mistakes
  • From drinking on an empty stomach to eating that leftover takeaway, take heed of these 5 warnings from the team

The time has come for Freshers to take over the UK! At Muscle Food HQ, we may all be a bit too old now, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the good old days…

Armed with costumes you regret wearing nowadays (here’s one for an example) and enough cheap booze to suitably fuel an entire city, you walk proudly into your University days – blissfully unaware of the stresses you’re going to put your body under.

Muscle Food freshers' week

Don’t believe us when we say we have Fresher’s experience? Let this photo of one of the team sink in…

But how do you stay healthy during this time? Since alcohol is definitely not off the cards for any 18-year-old party animal, you’ve got to approach this differently.

Here are 5 mistakes we made, and the simple steps to stay healthy!

1. We didn’t drink lots of water


Yes, this one is an obvious one and we’ve said it many times before. But Alcohol is a diuretic, which will increase the risk of dehydration.

That means we all up in the morning with ridiculous dry mouth and a splitting headache like you just face-planted the curb.

Don’t feel pressured by others around you to stick to only having booze – sneak a few glasses of tap water into your night out. Grab one from the kitchen between drinking games, grab a few while out at the club and down a litre of water before bed.

While this may not get rid of the hangover, you certainly won’t feel the terrible stomach ache or head pains the morning after.

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